Hey guys,
Looks life Fluffy will make it to post. We all are very sorry for not posting. All of us were busy with finals that had to be on the last week of school! Can you believe it? I hate that only the 8th graders had to study even before the last day of school. It is hard to believe, I know. Anyway, I got a lot of people to sign my yearbook, and I signed like too many if you ask me. I have to say my early apologies, I will be leaving to the country soon. School starts on August 15, and I will be back on August 8. Awesome, right? I'm visiting my cousins. I have not left in 5 or 6 years. It feels like ages. Oh, I will be leaving on June 2. I will try to post if I can while I'm on this leave. I hope you forgive me. Oh, another HUGE shock and a bit of a coincidence, there will be rain on the last day of school! It has rained on every single "last day of school"! At our school, we get to dunk our teachers. We couldn't dunk them last year and not even on the last day at that middle school. I will also be missing a bunch of my friends. Ice Cream and Silver are going to different High School's. I will be crying on the last day of school. See, I'm crying write now. Well, enough from me, what about your last week of school. Post on this and tell me what your last week or last day of school was or is. I hope to hear from you soon!
See ya,
Fluffy Puppy
P.S. Who is going to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 2? I know I will!! It is with my brother. Ugh

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