Sorry everyone, I'm being lazy. (Me being Lily, of course.) Ugh, I've had so much work. Today, Ice Cream, one of our other friends, and I saw Selena Gomez! Silver is going to be SO jealous, hee-hee. She came to the Mall of Georgia to promote her new movie, Monte Carlo. I'd put up the link to it, but the link button is being stupid. It's basically about a girl who accidentally is mistaken for a wealthy heiress, and has the "time of someone else's life". Well, I can say it worked. Ice Cream and I are going to go see Monte Carlo soon- who else is? We went at two, but Selena only showed up at 6:30. She was answering questions submitted by fans, and she answered our friend's! It was really cool, although we couldn't hear her. Someone asked who the last person she texted was- it was Brandon Smith! They didn't let us submit questions about Justin Bieber, darn,
    While we were waiting, we kinda had fun. We ate in the food court and had cookies, milkshakes, smoothies, and spaghetti. Well, not all of us at the same time. We also went to B&N and read there for a while. They kept talking to my MOM, which was really, really creepy. She's my MOM!!! I suppose my mom is kinda cool- she knows about Sel and Harry Potter and the Hunger Games and everything, but it was still creepy.
    I'm making a slideshow about myself! It's not going to have my face, but you'll hear my voice. It'll look kindofish professional. Probably.
    If you have Trade Nations, come play with me! You can see my username on Twitter or in the Twitter feed box out to the side.
    I'll start writing my new story soon. It'll have all of us, with our personalities, and maybe our other friend. That's all I have time for now, Lily out! Actually, I'm inside. Lily IN! ☮!

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