Hi guys, it's Silver. I'm sure that you guys (and Lily) are happy that I'm trying to post more often. On behalf of my fellow Moonstones, Lily and Ice Cream (Fluffy is no longer one of us), I would like to apologize for the lack of posts; High School isn't easy, and the teachers seem to be under the impression that we have no social lives whatsoever. We promise that we'll try to post more: at least once a week. In case you were wondering, the title of this post means 'Sadness and More News' in spanish. I just wanted to confirm Lily's announcement that Fluffy is no longer a Moonstone (in case any of you were in doubt), and that we are searching for her replacement. If you are interested, please apply; the application can be found in Lily's blog post titled 'Grave News'. In other news, I am currently designing a logo for the Silent Moonstone website, although it may take some time to be put up on the site. I promise I'll do my best to get it done, though. Just a random question: what's a good name for a pink pet unicorn? I got it as a gift on Valentine's day from one of my friends; she's currently on vacation in Japan (I'm so jealous). Ice Cream, Lily and I plan to meet up soon to watch 'The Hunger Games', so we might get a chance to film a segment of Silent Chatterbox, and you can definitely look forward to more posts on the short stories page. I personally want to start a page with a bunch of quotes on it, but I'm not sure. What do you think? Would you guys like to see a quotes page on the site? It would have quotes from us and from other people (i.e. Albert Einstein, whom I love to quote). I also wanted to tell you guys to participate in the contest we currently have up on the 'For You' page of the site because we plan on changing it sometime this week. It's your last chance to win! I'm also working on a series of one-shots and some dribbles to improve my writing skills, as per the advice of my lit. teacher, whom I absolutely ADORE. Many writers on fan fiction write drabble-fics, and they say that you should write down at least one 500-word story a day.I will try my best to follow their advice, and I'll try to put them up as often as I am able. I've also been challenging myself to write one-shot stories based off of 3 random words, and I feel that I've been doing pretty well with that particular endeavor. I'm also really open to suggestions for stories, so feel free to suggest things in the comments, no matter how crazy they may be; I'm always up for a challenge. Likewise, you can also request poetry, like Kate did: she wanted a poem about a dinosaur that fell in love with a strawberry (you can find it on the short stories page here). Sorry about the super-long post; I just had a lot to say.... er, type. I happen to know that Lily wants to try some hunger games themed nail art when we meet up, so I'll try to get some pictures up. You can always look at the youtube channel of cutepolish if you want any more nail art ideas; they're all really cool: my favorite is the Harry Potter themed nails, which Lily tried on Ice Cream some time ago. Did you guys see Lily's post called 'Choses'? She mentioned a place called Teavana, and it sounds really cool to me; I plan on going there with my mom soon, and I am really excited to try their teas: they sound delicious from what I saw on their website. Lily also showed me the website for chalkboard paint, which she's been wanting for some time, and I think the colors are amazing! Lily likes the mystic purple (which is really pretty), while I would prefer either bakery green or aqua sky for my room (it's currently a light pink color and looks like a little girl's room). If I chose chalkboard paints, I would want my room to have more of a green and blue color scheme, but given the choice, I would make it a Ravenclaw bedroom and get bronze-ish wood furniture and curtains to match. If I was allowed to make it Ravenclaw-themed, I would paint it this shade of blue, even if it is really dark; I have a friend who painted her bedroom BLACK, for crying out loud! Isn't it pretty? (Click on the links for pictures).I think I've typed enough for today, at least on the blog; I still have to post my short story: loom forward to that sometime this afternoon.
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