The title came from me thinking about a song I heard in Gnomeo and Juliet. So, hello, hello, everyone! I'm going to make some changes to my paper doll posting habits.
1. I will post consistently- once a week, at least. Probably on Tuesdays, but if I can't I will on Monday or Wednesday.
2. I will not keep making new doll characters every time. Meaning, I still will draw one time paper dolls, like Lily Evans, but not every time, only about once a month. Other than that, I'll draw one fantasy, one realistic, one cartoonish or historical, and one one time doll a month.
3. I will add categories to my paper dolls, so you can find a specific one quickly.
4. I may color some on the computer, once I get that worked out.
5. I just felt like adding a five to odd it out. Umm... I'll try to make them better?

I hope this helps with the website. About me- nothing much. I got ducky earrings at Claire's on Sunday! They're really cute- I'll post a picture later. Earrings are my favorite jewelery. I have these big purple flowers, little ladybugs, lots of studs and dangly ones (which I like better than studs), etc., etc. My friend has Eiffel Tower earrings- she got them at Claire's too, but they weren't there when I went. Okay, that's all.


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