Hey guys,
I'm sorry that this message is going to be short but my whole family is yelling at me because I'm not doing any work! Ugh....I want to just hurt them......badly but I can't. The wedding is over and on Friday, it was my brother's birthday. So, I planned a huge surprise party for him. It was funny and cool, all of our cousins were there. Most of them which are really funny. Oh, I forgot to say that it was on the 17 of June. I wish everyone of my friends were there. So after that is over, we are going to another place and its on a huge hill. We can walk or take a bus. If, and I mean if, you are as tired!!! Last time I went, I saw a peacock and it is cool. We are planning to go to another place but by a mini bus for our whole family. The one after that is to this huge lake, so we will rent a boat, I think it will be a big boat. I don't know. But, I have to go....The videos I'm taking will be up soon. It's just that my IPhone is out of charging and I have to find the charger to upload them. Sorry guys.
Talk to you later,

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