Hola muchachos, it's Silver! (Miss me? No?! You make me sad...). Anyways, I am here to announce our new contest titled, you guessed it, "February's New Challenge!". The challenge is that you have to figure out what is peculiar about the pictures I used to create the website's new theme. My fellow Moonstones and I have given you a clue to figure out the first half of your answer, and said clue can be found on the "For You" page of the website. The challenge prizes are yet to be decided, and I will post as soon as they are decided. I have to ask, do you guys have any suggestions for the prizes (reasonable ones, of course)? As for the answers you have to the challenge, you can either email them to us (our email can be found on the "Home" page) or they can be posted as comments to this blog post.
Hasta Luego!
<3 Silver
2/4/2012 12:28:30 am

the pictures are mirror-images of each other, symmetrical


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