Hi guys! It's Lily, your favorite moonstone. (Jk. Well, kind of.) We were thinking of buying our own domain name, but it's pretty expensive ($40 a year) for when only a few people visit a day. (Thanks to the people who do.) But if we get about 50 or so visitors a day, we might. Please keep visiting, and tell others! Oh, and if we do buy a domain name, we'll be able to have email addresses on it! For example, alabasterlily@silentmoonstone.com. And we might offer emails on our site to you as prizes! Even though you might have emails already. Well, that's all. Bye!
P.S. I forgot to explain, a domain is a url without the host's site tagged onto it. If we bought one, the address would be www.silentmoonstone.com.

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