Holidays are near and its time to spread some cheer!  I've been listening to a lot of Kelly Clarkson lately and its also been super hectic studying for finals.  Its scary to think how much a single test can affect you.  Have you guys heard about Wizards ending?  I'll be sad but I honestly don't think they can continue any longer.  The last season has been a bit, er, bad, but I hope the finale will be good.  There's also two new shows,"Austin and Ally" and "Jessie".  Debby Ryan from Suite Life is the lead in Jessie, and one of the leads in Austin and Ally is Vanessa Marano's sister.  (Vanessa is Bay in "Switched at Birth" and was Layne in the clique movie!)  Anyways, Jessie is ok... and Austin and Ally is alright too, but I'm seriously hoping Disney manages to put out better stuff.
~Ice Cream Out!

Yea I agree, but I like this season of wowp

Silver Star

True, this season isn't bad. Being able to see Greg Sulkin on the show definitely doesn't hurt.


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