Remember that tweet that I said I would continue in a blog post? Here it is- better late than never, right? :D
    Sorry everyone, I might not be able to meet my post requirements this week. Unlike some others on this website, I do my best to. When I can't, I will try to make up for it. I have some explanations, but if you aren't in the mood to sympathize, I have warned you. And btw, Silver made a mistake in her warning post. I won't tell her, because I don't want to, okay!? I don't feel very consciencey.
    In language arts, we were doing the most commonly misspelled words by middle-schoolers. I spelled conscience wrong, along with seven other words, (out of forty) and was disappointed with myself. I really hate the feeling of not knowing exactly how to spell a word. Well, at least I know how to spell it now, right?
    I am mad at Silver for reasons that shall remain unnamed for the time being. Actually, it wasn't so much something she did as following human nature. But I still want to hold a grudge. I don't like human nature.
    Today morning, I volunteered at a preschool carnival. What I had to do was carry burger rolls to the guy flipping burgers (who kept randomly singing along with the loudspeaker), tell him the orders, (ham or cheeseburger) and carry them back. I'm vegetarian, and the smell was really.. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but I just wasn't used to it. I had to that for 135 minutes. I was glad I did it at the end though, because they thanked and applauded me and gave me pizza. :) I shared it with Icy, who was also volunteering. She was telling off preschoolers for going up the slide the wrong way and trying to sneak up without tickets. I saw Shruti there, btw. At the end, I asked how much the pizza was, and they gave me two pieces for free. I fetched Icy, and we shared, then got one more piece each. They also let us have juice.
    Well, that's all. I will get caught up ASAP. I am so sorry about that, I also haven't been feeling so great. :( Too little sleep. Bye!
4/18/2011 03:34:50

Wow, that sounds fun. Did you know, I'm a vegitarian too?? Meat disgusts me,no offense. I also didn't know that you knew Shruti in....real life.


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