Hello! Its fluffy! Yah, I got tricked! I was so convinced, and I started writing my last post while I was crying so much. Thanks, Lily and Silver. I'll probably hold this against them for revenge. But, I think ill forget about it before I even think about revenge. Did you understand that? Well, I didn't.
Yes, this is a page about fashion updates. I know, that is mostly what Silver does, but I thought I would get real outfits off the web and places. Lily described it as: "this page is basically going to showcase different outfits. Apparently Fluffy wants to decide the clothes, wants Silver to draw them, and me to do nail art. Yay."
Actually, what I was thinking was more about different tasks that we get to do together. Basically, I get together an outfit (only the cloths part). Then, Silver picks out accessories that match the outfit, After that, Lily can finish off with the perfect nail art. And, it doesn't always have to be me who picks the clothes, and Silver picking out accessories, and Lily doing the nail art. Although, she is amazing at it. But, we always switch it. I know Lily hates this page, but I never had a page that was something different from what they do. I didn't really succeed, but I intend to. By posting every week about the fashion updates and whats happening in the fashion industry, I will try to keep this page alive. We might not have the "perfect outfit" (as in an outfit that contains the creations of all of our work) every week, but there will be stuff that we post individually (mostly by me because Lily doesn't like this page).

Lets start!
This is what I found while I was checking out new fashion stuff online. This is a wedding dress by Sarah Burton. Basically, I thought that this was a really cool wedding dress. I don't know about you guys, but this dress really blows my mind. The best part I like about the dress is the "fanning out" of the dress starting from the waist down. I also love that she used feathers, which is different and unique. I know I'm night a professional judge, but on a scale of 1-10, I would give it an 8. What would you guys give it? If you want to know more about this dress, check out this website: http://fashion.telegraph.co.uk/news-features/TMG9183601/Royal-wedding-dress-designer-Sarah-Burtons-strategic-secrets.html.

Since this is the first time I ever blogged about fashion, I'm not that great. But, I will try to post more on different fashion and research much deeper. I will try to get a bit of every style. If I have any supporters, Thanks for the support! But, if no one likes this page, just say, and if a lot of people don't like it, then I'll delete it. I hope people like this page! :) *fingers crossed*
Thanks guys,
Fluffy Puppy

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