Hey guys! I finally got to the 2nd post! And, this time, it actually showed up. I have been trying to post this same post for 3 times now, I guess 3rd time is really the charm. Anyway, after much difficulties, I finally got it! Also, small apologies to everyone. The dress I posted for last week was out of season. I found out that 2 days after I posted it. But, lets move on! So, this weeks winner is by Lauren Laverne.
Don't worry, this one is not last season, but it is from this season. The design was out on April 7, 2012.
Lets get to the point now. So, the theme for this dress is mermaids! Personally, I think mermaids are amazing creatures. Although, they might not be real, I still think they r cool! Anyway, this dress has my favorite color: BLUE!
I also like the jewelery. But, I did not like the actual dress as much. They are very pretty colors though. I know, I'm not an actual critic but I have opinions. After I just babbled a lot, I get to rate! from a 1-10 scale with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best, I pick a 7 for the dress, because I do like the dress, but It doesn't really suit my taste. And, I pick a 9 for the jewelery . The seashell necklace, the shoes, the earrings, and the bags suit the dress very well. They match perfectly with the color and the design. What do you guys think?
Hasta Luego,
Fluffy Puppy :)
P.S. If anyone wants to know more about this dress, check out this website: http://www.guardian.co.uk/fashion/2012/apr/08/lauren-laverne-life-in-style#
7/17/2012 02:13:59 pm

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7/22/2012 12:39:30 pm

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