Hello everyone, here's my new story. (It was the best title I could think of, okay?!) I know Scarlett's kind of a drama queen, sorry. I actually typed this while we were in Savannah. I hope you like it! Please comment. The first person to do so can suggest a character and will get a sneak peek of what happens later. (Mini- contest.) -Lily

       Scarlett woke with a start and smiled. She could hear her Aunt Krystal downstairs. She showered and got dressed in record time, then almost broke her neck running down the stairs. Aunt Krystal's visits were always something to look forward to. Aunt Krystal was sitting at the kitchen counter, chatting with Scarlett's mom. Scarlett pulled up a stool and invaded her aunt's personal bubble.
     "Hey, Scar!" Aunt Krystal was one of the only people allowed to call her that. Whenever anyone else did, it sounded like she was a bruise. "What's up?" Aunt Krystal never tried to sound "cool" like some older people. She just said what she wanted, and it worked when she did.    
    " The usual. Nothing exciting ever happens," she whined. Aunt Krystal smiled hugely, showing her perfect teeth. Her long blond hair was pulled into a loose knot, and her shocking blue eyes sparkled with excitement. "Well, I have some good news for you then! Scarlett, I'm getting married!" Scarlett's mind reeled. She'd been waiting for this ever since her aunt had started going out with Rob, a guy who worked at the same group of companies as Krystal did. She worked as as a reporter for a fashion magazine, and he worked as one for a sports magazine. They had met at a tennis match- which Scarlett thought was really strange. "Eeeeeeeeeeeee!" Scarlett squealed, throwing her arms around her aunt. "Finally! You have to let me help you plan it. I know some great clothing stores, and there's this adorable little boutique that sells the best-"
     "Oh, Scar, I didn't tell you, but since we both have to do so much traveling and working, we've hired a wedding planner. She can take care of everything, and under a budget too! Great, right? And I have one more thing- you'll be a bridesmaid!"     Scarlett broke out sweating. "B-b-but I've been advance planning since.. f-forever! I have so many great ideas, and-" She stopped and ran upstairs, jumping onto her lime green mini sofa and buried her face in a chocolate-brown throw pillow. She heard the thud of feet running up the stairs, and pulled her decorative throw over herself.   
  "Scar!" Aunt Krystal cried. She ran over and tried to apologize, but Scarlett didn't care. "I thought that you'd be busy with school work and all-"     
    "It's summer vacation!" Scarlett screamed. She felt the pillow turn damp. "That's the lamest excuse ever! And I thought that you were so.." The pillow was turning uncomfortably wet now. She let out a groan. "Go away! I don't want you here." Scarlett's mom started to say something about it being Aunt Krystal's choice, but Scarlett just screamed at her too and ran to her bed, where she cried until she started to feel dehydrated. She walked to the bathroom and caught a glimpse of herself, then wished she hadn't. Her wavy blond hair resembled a rat's nest, and her blue green eyes were bloodshot. She sighed and tried to fix herself, then slipped downstairs. She could hear her aunt in the living room with her mother, so she grabbed some food from the fridge and went back to her room. Scarlett ate, then decided her aunt would be sorry. Somehow. Meanwhile, she'd still plan a wedding- maybe just not her aunt's.

    If you don't like it and don't want me to write any more, don't hesitate to say so. But type this, not the negative thoughts- >_<. Okay?
4/1/2011 09:35:33 am

That was a really good story, Lily!! I especially liked the part when Aunt Krystal broke the news to Scarlett about already hiring a wedding planner!!!

4/1/2011 01:03:16 pm

Thanks, Shruti! Email me the character you want, and I'll send you the sneak peek too.

Ice Cream(not Icy)
4/10/2011 07:58:06 am

Its great! I can see you've done some editing. ;)


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