Hiya, mates. Lily here. I don't have a new story chapter for you guys, but I made The Truth into a PDF! I'll link to it below. My new story is about an amateur spy named Delphina Charlotte Parker. The stories will be short stories, but each will have a different topic. She will have a different mission for each story, and I will still write stories with other topics. I'll just fall back on her whenever I need a new story or have a spy idea. Here's the PDF:
The Truth PDF. There will, for a temporary period, also be a link to it in the sidebar. Enjoy! It is the whole story all in one. If you can't read it, press Ctrl-1. Enjoy!

4/16/2011 12:10:30 am

When I clicked on the PDF, it came up but the print was really small.

4/16/2011 08:31:18 am

I love the story, and it's really convenient that it's on a PDF. Its really good; maybe you could publish it!

4/18/2011 11:47:41 am

Thanks, Silv. Shruti, did Control + 1 not work? Go to the top, and there will be a percentage. Click on it, and pick actual size from the scroll-down thingie. That will do it.

12/13/2011 06:05:23 am

I love the story the thuth PDf.You four people who are making it should go on television!:)


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