This is a short chapter.  Sorry but I really don't have time and much of a plot plan right now, but I still wanted to type something so I have a short entry this time.  
~ Ice Cream out!  

" My party will be this Saturday!"  Caroline turned to face her friend.  They were sitting at the lunch table at school the day after. "Huh?"  Liane glared at her.  Although she showed no remembrance of their conversation the night before, she still seemed a little cross.  They had been so excited!  How could she have forgotten about Liane's sleepover birthday party?  She almost got excited before she could remember why there was no way that she could show up.  Especially considering when a full moon night would be dangerous.  "How about you wait till the moon can't be seen and stall another week?"  She asked hopelessly.  Liane gave her a quizzical look.  "No way!  You better show up Caroline or I'm gonna hurt you so bad.  Besides my birthday is Sunday.  I can't have a party next week!  We are going to cut the cake at midnight!  Its going to be epic."  While Liane chattered on excitedly about the party, Caroline stared at the  ceiling.  The day after tomorrow she was going to have to spend the night at Her friend's house with a bunch of other girls.  This was going to be great.  Just plain great.
Once again- grammatical errors! I, t, APOSTROPHE, s, you dum-dum!


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