Hey ya'll.  Its time for the next chapter.  Its kind of short, but I am putting up chapters as much as I can.  

  Chapter 5

"So have you got the list all ready?" Caroline nodded.  She was a little disappointed at how long the list was.  Liane had invited 14 girls from their grade at their school as well as 2 from the upper class.  Her mother had also forced her to invite some family friends' daughters, 3 of them.  "Are you sure we can do a party with 19 other girls?"  Liane frowned at her.  "My party is going to be huge.  You of all people should understand the need.  Besides its not my fault my mom made me invite 3 girls just because we know their families pretty well."  Caroline stared at her knees.  Liane began to talk again.  "Anyways, there's no need for you to worry.  I have everything ready.  You will still get to put your sleeping bag next to mine.  Don't ask who the replacement will be if you don't show up.  How can my best friend miss one of my most important parties ever?"  Caroline felt her stomach doing flip flops.  How could she tell her?  

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