Hey, Please comment on chapter 2.  If there is any constructive criticism about it please do tell.  I'm probably not going back to change it unless I really think I have to and I don't want to change too much but I will use this knowledge to write my stories and further chapters much more fantabulous!  
~ Ice Cream out! p.s. here's chapter 3
Chapter 3
Caroline paced across her bedroom.  Her mother came in after she had reached home.  "So, I hear that you aren't joining us for dinner tonight.  What happened between you and Liane?" Caroline shook her head.  Her mother smiled gently and placed her had on Caroline's shoulder.  "Its ok to tell her you know.  She's your best friend.  Don't you trust her?"  Her mother's voice was warm but she also sounded worried.  Didn't she understand how bad it was?  She didn't want to listen to her mother blather on about how it went when she was a child and although it was not something every child went through, her family could relate to her.  Caroline agreed to come done in a few minutes just so she could be alone for a few minutes.  She immediately fingered the silver locket on her neck and grasped it tight.  She looked outside.  The moon was almost full.  

1/30/2011 03:53:44

Whoa! That's a good suspense.

Ice Cream
1/30/2011 10:29:58

Thank you! I am happy that you find it suspenseful!


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