Hey guys, Ice Cream again.  Here's chapter 2.

  Chapter 2
Finally, Caroline said, "You're being stupid". 
Liane grabbed a pillow off of the bed and threw it down so she could plop down on it. 
"I don't know what you mean." 
Caroline sighed.  "I mean... You know..." 
Her voice faltered causing Liane to raise her eyebrow. 
"You seem a bit off."  Liane began in a very concerned voice. 
Caroline ignored her and proceeded to finish her math homework.  They two girls resumed normal interactions for the rest of the evening until Liane's mom came to pick her up.  Caroline breathed a sigh of relief after her friend left.  She had gotten suspicious.  She certainly had reason to be.  She must have noticed the deep change Caroline had undergone over the past three months.  Things were no longer the same now.  She couldn't do the things she used to do and she felt many emotional twinges inside of her.  She was, however, more concerned about Liane's sleepover birthday party which would be approaching soon.  She knew what Liane had planned because they had been planning for almost a year now.  Lately, due to her little problem, she wasn't all that excited now.  Sure they were best friends, but there was no way she could explain to Liane what was going on .  She just wouldn't get it.  She hadn't told her family till very recently.  There was no way Liane could find out.  No way.


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