Hey, I want to put up part of my new story.  I'll be doing it in chapters; a new chapter will be on a new post.  I'm putting up chapter one of "The Secret".  Here it is. 
~ Ice Cream
                                      Chapter 1
         Caroline was feeling light-headed.  Her best friend Liane was mindlessly meandering along the sidewalk not  really paying attention to Caroline.  She had been too busy chattering away about how she had won the spelling bee at school.  Too be honest, Caroline wasn't all that interested.  Lately, Liane had been wrapped up in her own little world and seemed to only talk of herself.  She was relieved when she finally reached home.  The pair walked in through  the already open glass door. To her utter disappointment it was Emily. her 17-year-old sister who was home, not her mom. 
"where's mom?" She asked. 
Emily turned and pointed the the cell practically attached to her face.  Caroline rolled her eyes.  She grabbed Liane and they trotted upstairs to Caroline's room.  The two of them stared at each other.  There was an awkward silence. 
"Well.." Liane began. 
"Well, what?" Caroline replied. 
"What's up with you, you've been like, totally acting all bummy lately."  "Bummy?"  Liane nodded.  "So... what's the big secret?" Liane stared at her eagerly for an answer.  Caroline said nothing.   

1/28/2011 13:23:27

Nice job, Ice Cream! ( Btw, your nickname should be Sundae. Or Cone. Idk.) Except for the mechanical errors. :(

1/29/2011 03:23:59

Wow! I liked that story. If it was a book,
I'd pay you for it!

Ice Cream
1/29/2011 08:25:45

Thanks! I didn't think it was that good.

1/31/2011 08:49:20

I feel insulted, Shruti.


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