Long ago when I was new,

More'n a thousand years ago,

I witnessed such great wandwork,

As most never hope to behold.

Four great founders created this school,

Each as virtuous as the next,

But each had their own opinion

Of which students were the best.

Gryffindor prized the bravest,

far more than the rest,

But Ravenclaw thought intelligence

would always be the best.

Hufflepuff thought a hard worker,

was all that one should be,

While cunning Slytherin said,

the ambitious ones we'll see.

So each one had their own house,

to teach the ones they chose,

but when they were getting on in years,

a slight problem arose.

Who would sort their students,

when they had passed on?

Then Gryffindor whipped me off his head,

and charmed me so I could see

every thought inside your head 

and determine what House you'll be!

So come on up, slip me around your ears,

and let me take a look,

to me your whole personality

is just an open book!

I wrote this for my new fanfiction: Second Time Around. I was originally going to give it its own license, but then I thought I would scare* two birds with one stone and put it up here too. 

Email me if you want to use it in any stories you write yourself!
3/14/2012 10:02:07 am

From the writing style, this is most likely Lily. Besides, Icy's poems are weird... Lily, you mind if I use it?


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