Hi everyone, Lily here. Silver swore that she would put up her story today, but she didn't. So I'll put up one I wrote for school some time ago. Hope you like it! I got a good enough grade on it, but please keep in mind that I did write it for school and was somewhat rushed. Enjoy! Oh, by the way I got a little bored of Raquilon, so I may not write for a very long time. But I'll write new stories, though. Click read more, right under.
Island Incident

I never thought I’d write the story that follows. I never thought I’d be famous for discovering something, or even discover something. But somehow, we found the island, and I can’t imagine what I’d be doing now without it.

It all started when three of my friends and I decided to take a cruise in order to study dolphins in the southern seas. It was only us and some other people who, like us, were also studying marine life. During the second week, Avina, Cassandra, Marina, (my shipmates) and I spotted some dolphins a few miles away. We decided to take a boat out for a day, in the hope that we might see a pod. After a while, we saw a large, green, dome-shaped island with a couple of vegetation-covered mountains rising form the middle, and it wasn’t on any of our maps. “Do you want to go closer?” Avina asked. I agreed right away, and so did Marina. Only Cassandra protested. “Come on, Cass!” I said. “Don’t be such a wet blanket.” She gave me a dirty look. “We don’t know what could be on that island, she whined. “We could get hurt!” After a few minutes of silence, she suddenly burst out, “Oh, all right! Let’s go.” Then she hurriedly added, “But we turn back if anything seems even the least bit suspicious.” We agreed, and after some vigorous rowing, we were on the island. The warm sand was as soft and white as newly-fallen snow, and there was a lush green jungle just yards form the shore. We walked cautiously into it, and were immediately overwhelmed. It was alive with sound and color and full of life! There were so many animals, which was unusual so close to the shore. Some seemed to be the same species but varied in color size, etc. Quickly, Avina sent a message to ship with directions to the island telling them to come quickly. Then, we set up camp on the shore and started to make plans.

Avina’s idea was to keep the island a complete secret, but Cassandra wanted to sell it to someone and forget about it. “Cass!” I screeched, abashed. “How could you? Sell this beautiful island which isn’t even ours to some barbaric creature who’ll cut down all the trees and sell all the poor innocent animal to zoos and-’’ “Okay, okay,” she cut in laughing. “Fine. But you’ll regret not selling it when you’re up to your eyebrows in work.” I ignored her comment and told them the idea Marina and I had come up with. We wanted to turn the island into a eco-friendly resort and use some of the proceeds to help conserve rainforests. After a little persuading, Cassandra and Avina gave in. When the cruise ship arrived, we told them our idea. The captain made some calls and asked if we wanted any help getting started. Our answer was a unanimous ‘yes!’ We had all- every one of the biologists- decided to stay on the island. After all, we had food, water, weapons, and other supplies. But there was one thing we’d forgotten. A little girl- the captain’s daughter- asked s what the name of the island was. “Hmm… I thought. “What do you think, Avina?”

“Dolphin Island.”

That leads us to today. We’ve turned the island into an eco-resort where a portion of all the proceeds are used to help rehabilitate rainforest. All of the wildlife is carefully protected. And us? We’re happy where we are right now, working day and night improving the resort. Even Cass. :)

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