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    "Hey sis, you don't know me?" The little boy asked with curiosity. I shook my head "no" for the answer. "I'm your brother's best friend, Justin! I can't believe you forgot me! Now, I'm mad at you." His eyebrows started to crease to make an angry face. His face is too adorable to make a face of such kind. I looked at him, and something just clicked.
    "Oh my god! It's you, Justin. You have Ms. Frankyma as your teacher, and you always pull tricks on my little brother. You are a little genius devil! I remember you!" I smiled when his faced shined with a wide smile."So, why are you here?"
    "To give you these, I know its your favorite!" He pulled a bouquet of Lilies that he was holding the whole time behind his back.
    I stared at him with teary eyes and said, "you remember that lilies are my favorite! They are also my brother's favorite." I suddenly started to cry out loud in front of everyone and feel to my knees. "Huh?" I say while sobbing like a two year old and look back. There was a 6 foot tall boy behind me who tapped on my shoulder, he had blue eyes, brown hair and creamy skin.
    He looked down at me and said, "get up, you are embarrassing yourself." I stopped crying loudly and started weeping while getting myself up.
    "I'm sorry, but who are you? Do I know you?" I questioned him.
    "Sis, you never met my brother, did you? He goes to a private academy, Spring hill High, and his name is Nick." I suddenly stopped whatever I was doing, and my eyes popped out.
    "Your name is Nick?" I was puzzled. What else could I have said? He had the same name as my brother. I couldn't bare the pain anymore, and I started to run back to my room. My room was very close, so I had the time to go in and lock the door behind me. "No, no! It can't be! Nick, his name, it brings back that horrific day. Why does his brother have to have that name? Is it Karma hitting hard back at me?"
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