Long ago when I was new,

More'n a thousand years ago,

I witnessed such great wandwork,

As most never hope to behold.

Four great founders created this school,

Each as virtuous as the next,

But each had their own opinion

Of which students were the best.

Gryffindor prized the bravest,

far more than the rest,

But Ravenclaw thought intelligence

would always be the best.

Hufflepuff thought a hard worker,

was all that one should be,

While cunning Slytherin said,

the ambitious ones we'll see.

So each one had their own house,

to teach the ones they chose,

but when they were getting on in years,

a slight problem arose.

Who would sort their students,

when they had passed on?

Then Gryffindor whipped me off his head,

and charmed me so I could see

every thought inside your head 

and determine what House you'll be!

So come on up, slip me around your ears,

and let me take a look,

to me your whole personality

is just an open book!

I wrote this for my new fanfiction: Second Time Around. I was originally going to give it its own license, but then I thought I would scare* two birds with one stone and put it up here too. 

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    Hello, everyone. To say I haven't written anything in forever would be an understatement. I've been focusing on Fanfiction, but it wouldn't feel write to put them here. (Not a spelling mistake- isn't it punny? :D)
    Umm... this story is based off the back of a candy box. Weird, I know. But better than nothing, right? It's the Black Heart candy company, if you're interested. I can't find the story online, or I'd link to it. In the spirit of the story, it's written in black. Can't see it? Highlight it!
    Disclaimer: Not my idea. No.
    I walked the streets with my best friend, Lorna. It was the holiday season, and we were having a fine time doing our Christmas shopping. We peered into every window we passed, a little boisterous with high spirits.
    "Amelie, come here!" Lorna called, pulling me into a candy store. We ducked in, and in the spur of the moment, decided to make a gingerbread house- from scratch. We picked up peppermint sticks and jelly leaves, gumdrops and chocolate drops. Lorna paused next to a small bin in the corner.
    "What about these?" She held up a handful of black licorice hearts.
    "No," I said, pulling her to the cash register. "Just don't."  She started to protest, but seeing the look on my face, ceased.
    After we paid for several pounds of candy, we went to our favorite coffee shop, and I told her just why the black hearts weren't a good idea.
    Years ago, when I was young girl in England, a candy store had opened in out village. The young owner, Edward, always had an array of bright confections and it was a thoroughly cheerful place. I'd stop there every day after school with my friends to look at the display in the window, and he'd often give us each a piece of his newest creation. These began to grow more and more exciting and exotic, as Edward tried to attract the attention of Angelina, a distant relative of my mother and the most sought-after girl in the village. Soon she'd also stop by every day and have a chat with us, while sneaking furtive glances at the handsome young candy maker. But fate was not kind to the shy young couple. Angelina's marriage had already been arranged, with David Greene.
    On the day of the wedding, which everyone in our town had been invited to, everyone was joyful but the bride. She seemed diminished, but only the ones who knew her best thought something wrong. Everyone else put it down to nerves. As the wedding finally ended, the mob carried Angelina and David to their new home. Everyone was looking forward to passing the candy store, which they expected to be full of the best treats imaginable to honor the wedding. They were unpleasantly surprised.
    The window was filled with nothing but black candy hearts. The door was locked, and Edward's house was empty. No one knew what to make of this, but upon close investigation of the whole village, they found a single rowboat missing. Strangely enough, its oars were untouched.
    Lorna gaped at me. "That's terrible!" she cried, squeezing my hand. "I'm so sorry!" I assured her it was all right, and we went back to the flat we shared. I glanced back at the candy store, and for a moment, it looked as if it was filled with black hearts.

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       Hey y'all! It's the weekend, guys! We saw this thing on dearblankpleaseblank about the Grammar Nazis. Hahahahaha. Here's our ridiculous story about them.
    Jedediah was writing his ten page paper. It was one o'clock in the morning, and he was still on the third page. His monster of a teacher had assigned it to him just THREE MONTHS AGO! Seriously, what kind of a moron did that?! It was like she thought her class was the only one in the whole school.
    His mother came in. "Jeddy, you poor baby, aren't you done yet? I'll get you a new iTouch when you're done. Make sure you proofread! And here's a box of Peeps." Jedediah smiled, than quickly pouted. When his mom walked out, he went back to smiling.
    He put his head down for a minute. Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain in his hand. He opened his eyes to see a tiny, ugly little man. He had god awful style, was wearing knee high flat boots, khaki green pants, a mid thigh khaki jacket, a hideous belt with a shoulder strap, and an armband. He was also wearing a green hat, and strangely, a red pen strapped to his waist.
    "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!" Suddenly, there were thousands of the ferocious little things. They all screamed and started attacking him with their pens. Jedediah was so surprised, he dropped his iPod. One of them said, "YOU ARE SENTENCED TO SUMMER SCHOOL!"

    Sorry, I wasn't in a writing mood. The others were helping me, but one of our other friends was here and they all started gossiping.
    Hi, Lily here. I really need to finish this story now, so please forgive me if it's quick. And it is.

    Lye finished talking. There was a moment of expectant silence, then Trya turned around. She threw a pillow at Lye, then hugged her. They were quiet for a long time. Slowly, they both pulled apart and started talking at the same time.
    "You could have TOLD ME!" Trya said playfully. Lye looked sheepish, then threw the pillow back at her. That ignited a pillow fight, which was how their parents found them ten minutes later. Trya and Lye looked at each other remorsefully, then broke into laughter.

Done! Sorry 'bout the briefness. I'll make a PDF of the whole story later, bye!
Hi guys, Silver here. Lily emailed this story to me, and asked me to put it up for her, so here it is! Lily got her inspiration for this story by watching the sunset.

Away from Time
I had been away too long.
Why had I let myself be lured away from the sea? I started running desperately. I would die if I didn't get back to the water before sunset. I put on a burst of speed. He wasn't even worth it. The sun dips a little lower. Rock shards stabbed at my tender feet. I scream, not of the pain, but of fright. Would I never swim again? Never part the cool waters, or trail my fingers through the sandy ocean floor? The fiery sphere touches the horizon, and I am a few hundred yards from shore. It might as well be a million. The realization hits me like a tidal wave. I'm not going to make it. My legs weren't made for speed, but for pleasure, strolls near the shore. I am only quick in the water, with my slim tail. I can feel my consciousness fading away already. I still run, longing to breathe the humid, salty, air near the shoreline before I go. But I won't. The sun is three-quarters below. I collapse, sapped of energy. I am dying. Dying. I reach out, and the tip of a wave touches my still body. It retreats, and my body fades to sand and blows away in the breeze.

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    Hello everyone, here's my new story. (It was the best title I could think of, okay?!) I know Scarlett's kind of a drama queen, sorry. I actually typed this while we were in Savannah. I hope you like it! Please comment. The first person to do so can suggest a character and will get a sneak peek of what happens later. (Mini- contest.) -Lily

       Scarlett woke with a start and smiled. She could hear her Aunt Krystal downstairs. She showered and got dressed in record time, then almost broke her neck running down the stairs. Aunt Krystal's visits were always something to look forward to. Aunt Krystal was sitting at the kitchen counter, chatting with Scarlett's mom. Scarlett pulled up a stool and invaded her aunt's personal bubble.
     "Hey, Scar!" Aunt Krystal was one of the only people allowed to call her that. Whenever anyone else did, it sounded like she was a bruise. "What's up?" Aunt Krystal never tried to sound "cool" like some older people. She just said what she wanted, and it worked when she did.    
    " The usual. Nothing exciting ever happens," she whined. Aunt Krystal smiled hugely, showing her perfect teeth. Her long blond hair was pulled into a loose knot, and her shocking blue eyes sparkled with excitement. "Well, I have some good news for you then! Scarlett, I'm getting married!" Scarlett's mind reeled. She'd been waiting for this ever since her aunt had started going out with Rob, a guy who worked at the same group of companies as Krystal did. She worked as as a reporter for a fashion magazine, and he worked as one for a sports magazine. They had met at a tennis match- which Scarlett thought was really strange. "Eeeeeeeeeeeee!" Scarlett squealed, throwing her arms around her aunt. "Finally! You have to let me help you plan it. I know some great clothing stores, and there's this adorable little boutique that sells the best-"
     "Oh, Scar, I didn't tell you, but since we both have to do so much traveling and working, we've hired a wedding planner. She can take care of everything, and under a budget too! Great, right? And I have one more thing- you'll be a bridesmaid!"     Scarlett broke out sweating. "B-b-but I've been advance planning since.. f-forever! I have so many great ideas, and-" She stopped and ran upstairs, jumping onto her lime green mini sofa and buried her face in a chocolate-brown throw pillow. She heard the thud of feet running up the stairs, and pulled her decorative throw over herself.   
  "Scar!" Aunt Krystal cried. She ran over and tried to apologize, but Scarlett didn't care. "I thought that you'd be busy with school work and all-"     
    "It's summer vacation!" Scarlett screamed. She felt the pillow turn damp. "That's the lamest excuse ever! And I thought that you were so.." The pillow was turning uncomfortably wet now. She let out a groan. "Go away! I don't want you here." Scarlett's mom started to say something about it being Aunt Krystal's choice, but Scarlett just screamed at her too and ran to her bed, where she cried until she started to feel dehydrated. She walked to the bathroom and caught a glimpse of herself, then wished she hadn't. Her wavy blond hair resembled a rat's nest, and her blue green eyes were bloodshot. She sighed and tried to fix herself, then slipped downstairs. She could hear her aunt in the living room with her mother, so she grabbed some food from the fridge and went back to her room. Scarlett ate, then decided her aunt would be sorry. Somehow. Meanwhile, she'd still plan a wedding- maybe just not her aunt's.

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    Ch. 4
    Lye stared up ate the stars from her bamboo bed. Her nature themed room was an attempt to remind her of the forest where she had been born. It was filled with eco-friendly furniture and overgrown plants, plus a huge skylight provided her with the most possible natural light. But tonight, Lye barely saw her room. She was worried- would her plan work?
    Trya was so excited, she couldn't keep her eyes closed. When would the elves see their tribute? What would they think of it? I'll just go to the window and peek at it, she thought. Trya rolled out of her bed, ducking under the soft blue canopy. She walked to the window and almost had a heart attack. Someone was standing at their tribute.
    She slipped out the door. Taking extra effort so that her fUggs wouldn't snap twigs or rustle leaves, Trya made her way to the edge of the woods. The slim, shadowy, figure turned- and Trya gasped as she saw it's delicate, pointed, ears. But when she saw it's surprised hazel eyes and mouth open in a surprised "O", Trya let out a startled cry. Lye was holding the glass tube and a shovel. Suddenly, the faint moonlight faded and Trya felt herself falling.

Ch 5.
    Trya's lashes fluttered open. All she could see was a white haze. She blinked furiously, and Lye's frightened face came into focus. The previous events filtered back into her foggy mind. Trya turned away. Ughh, she thought. A rare migraine was visiting her. Why hadn't Lye told her the truth? She would have understood. Understood and helped her.
    Hot tears pooled behind Lye's eyes once more as Trya turned away form her. Lye had gone on autopilot when her best friend collapsed. In a burst of unusual strength, she had half-dragged, half-carried Trya home. There,s he had phoned her parents and tearfully spilled the complete story. The doctor had made a house visit, which frightened Lye so much she almost lost her dinner. His verdict was positive, but Lye still felt terrible and had sat over Trya all night.
    "Tri, I can explain. Please." Her words hung in the air as Trya closed her eyes and buried her face in the Pillowpet© Lye had given her. Then she changed her mind and put it in a different pillow.
    " I only told one other person before. She freaked, and we had to move. I still remember that look on her face. It was so.. scared, and.. condescending, and I just-"

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    Trya helped Lye cover the tube-enclosed letter in soil. They worked in tepid silence until Lye cleared her throat.
    "We should, uhh.. plant the flowers now."
    "Ya think?", Trya gasped sarcastically. The hole was three-quarters full. She flicked a bit of mud off of her sleeve. It landed on Lye's nose, who went cross-eyed and threw a weed at Trya. The two girls both started cracking up.
    Lye patted the moist, fluffy soil down. She relaxed- the moment of fear had passed. "Plaque!" she barked, trying to hide the shake of relief in her voice.
    "Yes, sir!" Trya mockingly saluted her, then bowed, bending almost double, and handing her the beautifully engraved plaque. Trya's dad had engraved the richly colored cherry wood in his workshop. Lye rolled her eyes, jabbing the sharp stake into the freshly dug earth. "We're do-one!" she trilled.
    "Chill, Maria!" Trya was making a reference to The Sound of Music. Lye didn't mind, it was like a compliment. That was her favorite movie.

    Sorry if that was boring. You see, I write these in my spare bits of time at school on 5 x 8 index cards, so they're kind of short. But don't worry, I'll have lots more chapters if you guys comment!
Here's the second chapter, everyone- enjoy!
   Trya squatted down next to her slightly loony friend. Lye had waist-length, light brown hair and a slightly pointed face. She had wide hazel eyes, a tiny, pert, nose, and a mouth that seemed way too small for all the words that streamed out of it. Her delicate features made her seem quiet and soft-spoken, but Trya knew better. Lye had hearing like a bat, but there was a strange thing about her. Trya had never seen her ears. Once, she'd playfully flipped Lye's hair, but Lye had shrieked and pulled away, covering her ears. Trya was so scared she hadn't pressed any further. Also, Lye turned green very often- not just when she was sick- when she blushed, too.
    Lye kept her eyes averted from Trya for a while. Not that Trya was ugly- in fact, she was far from it. Trya had narrow but intense green eyes, wavy, almost curly, red hair, a light sprinkling of freckles across her ski-sklope nose, and a heart shaped mouth- not at all unpleasant. Lye was just so startled. Ever since Trya had developed a strange little obsession for all things fantasy, Lye had been a bit scared. Did Trya suspect, or- god forbid- know the truth? She had almost figured out a few times- that time she'd almost seen her long, pointy ears, for instance. And that time when Lye couldn't resist turning all the dandelions into pansies, just for fun. Trya had almost  seen her whisper a few ancient words, and the grass was dotted with purple.
    Trya decided to try to break the sudden ice.
    "So, Lye, what do we put in it?"
Lye jumped, scraping her trowel against the side of the hole and releasing a flurry of brown specks. "Oh.. um, first we need the letter."
    The two girls had decided to try to catch a glimpse of some elves. Lye had taken charge, ordering this and that, a special letter to the elves, some wildflower seeds, an engraved plaque, and all manner of other things. Lye had decided to bury the plastic tube enclosing the letter and plant flowers over it, then place a sign over it notifying the elves what it was for. It wasn't a trap, as Lye kept insisting, it was a tribute. According to her, elves were too smart to fall for tricks.
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    Hi everyone, it's Lily. I was going to write a contest story, but there were some complications.. so here's a different story. It's kind of based on Ice Cream's story, but a bit different. I hope you like it! (Sorry, Ice Cream! But you copy me, I copy you. :) ) Trya is pronounced Tree-uh, and Lye is pronounced Ly-uh. I like funny spellings of names. Enjoy! Oh, and each chapter will be

    Trya looked up from the hole she was steadily digging. Her friend Lye was shouting her name and haphazardly waving a trowel and a large green bucket. Trya sighed and stood up, brushing soil off her loose, worn, jeans. "Lye, why can't you walk over here with a wheelbarrow and talk in a normal voice like, oh, I don't know, A NORMAL PERSON? Lye just grinned, showing off her perfect white teeth. "Oh, I'm not a normal human. But you know you love me anyway." Reaching down into her vast bucket, she pulled out a rake. "Here," she said, handing it to Trya.
    "Why, exactly, do I need a rake?"
    "To clear off the leaves and grass and stuff, nut." Lye said affiably, sweeping her long brown hair out of her face. "Elves like neat."
    "How do you know? Are you one?"
    The simple, teasing question seemed to make Lye nervous. She turned pale pinkish-green, quickly looked down, and started furiously digging. "Just do it!"
    Trya shrugged. Her friend sometimes went a little weird like that, but when she did she would usually snap back quickly.

    Lye's heart beat faster, much faster. Did she know? She managed to shoot back some reply- she barely heard herself say it- and quickly started digging. There had been more to her words when she said she wasn't a normal human. The truth was, she was indeed an elf.

Ta-da! I know I barely described the girls, but I'll do that in the next chapter. I wanted this to be a bit of an intro, to let you know that they're really good friends to tease each other like that, etc.