Hey!  Since Kate won my contest, my next story is about a girl named Kylie Ellis who moves from a small town to L.A!
~Ice Cream out!
  Chapter 1
  "Kylie come on!  We have to get a move on!"  She grabbed the last moving box from her bedroom and moved it into the truck.  She was, unlike her perfect sister Bianca and her overly optimistic mom, nervous.  Who wouldn't be?  Little Dragon-ville wasn't even on the map.  Soon, she would be in a large moving van away to L.A.  Her mom had just recently landed a great job.  She would provide food for the cast and crew of the most popular teen show on the network, Madison High.  Bianca saw this as her big break.  An actress on the show, Maria Jacobs was leaving to work on a movie.  Being the most popular person on the show had created many opportunities.  However, this meant she wasn't renewing her contract next season.  The studio was going to hold casting auditions for next season and Bianca saw her mother's new job as the opportunity to get friendly with the show's directors, writers, actors, and the rest of the crew.  Kylie secretly wished she could try out to, but there was no way.  She was more concerned about surviving the 10th grade. 

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