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   Rachel ignored Kennedy calling her down and sat staring at herself in her vanity mirror.  Anyone else would kill for the fancy party her parents were throwing for her.  She had refused angrily when last month, her parents began discussing plans for her party again.

   She had reluctantly put on the forest green gown her parents had chosen for her a couple of weeks back.  She traced the golden trim of her dress and sighed.

   Why must they put me through this Miriam?   She bit her lip.  Miriam.  She would have dragged Rachel out and force her to have a good time.  But then again, she wouldn’t be in this situation if Miriam weren’t gone. 

   She stared at her soulless self in the mirror again.  Her hair had been professionally done for the evening.  That evening she didn’t want to celebrate.  Kennedy and Amanda came bustling through the door, followed by Rachel’s mom. 

“Rachel, please all these people are here for you.” Her mother began again, still trying to convince her to join the party.  She opened the velvet box in her arms, revealing a golden tiara, sparkling with the glistening emeralds.  It was breathtakingly beautiful, but it didn’t change how she felt about the party. 

“Miriam picked it out for you, she knew you would love this green.” She stated. 

That made things worse for Rachel.  There was no way she could have a party , after Miriam’s sudden departure. 

  “Oh Rachel, its been 8 months.  Please be alright.” Her mother began soothing her, stroking her hair and cradling her teenage daughter. 

“I’m fine.” Was Rachel’s cold and untruthful reply.  Kennedy and Amanda were still in awe of the amazing crown.  Rachel stood up and plopped on her bed. 

“Oh, please don’t cry,” Amanda pleaded, “It’ll totally run the mascara, I spent almost an hour doing.” Kennedy angrily nudged her. 

“Come on Rach, take your mind off of… certain things.  Its not everyday you get a totally awesome sweet sixteen party.” Kennedy tried. 

Rachel mustered a smile with fake enthusiasm and agreed to accompany her friends to the party.  They insisted she wear the elegant tiara, so she did, but not for them, for Miriam. 

She found herself descending down the marble staircase to the main hall, where the party was being held.  To her immense embarrassment, they all cheered wildly and applauded for the birthday girl. 

She tried to stir up conversation with Dana and Melody, two girls who wouldn’t be considered friends, but lately had taken a sympathetic attitude toward Rachel. 

Unfortunately, William, Miriam’s old boyfriend took to dancing with quite a few girls, including Rachel.  Wouldn’t it be an insult to Miriam if he danced with her sister?

She stepped outside to take a stroll in their lovely garden, but found herself alone on the patio.  Finally some quiet.  The air was particularly chilly, so she wrapped herself in her soft white shrug. 

Quickly though, her grandma Maddie stepped onto the patio uninvited to join Rachel.   Obviously Maddie could tell Rachel wanted to be alone, but she took to talking to her granddaughter instead. 

Maddie finally broke the silence. 

“Still upset about Miriam aren’t you?  I was a bit shocked about her sudden death, but I had a feeling Miriam knew what was coming soon.  I think we all knew it it our hearts, but we didn’t want to admit it to ourselves.”

Rachel remained in silence and Maddie waited patiently. 

“No one seems to care, they all just…” she couldn’t string together any words to talk about the touchy subject, but Maddie understood.

“You’re very deep you know, which is why it hurts you more, but she wouldn’t have wanted it this way.”  Maddie replied, “Miriam was very brave, that’s why she chose the crown early on, she had a feeling she wasn’t going to be here, even if she didn't le .”  Rachel shook her head, “No.” Maddie lifted Rachel’s chin. “Look up dear, its all written in the stars.” 

Rachel brushed away a tear, “I don’t know what you mean.” Maddie smiled warmly, “she’s not here but she always will be, dear, she would want you to enjoy this party she spent so much time planning.” 

 “Miriam is here, with us, you can’t see her, but both of us know she is.” Maddie told her tenderly.  “She’s not gone.” 

At that moment, Maddie left the patio to Rachel, who stood all alone. But, not truly alone.  She stared up at the stars, and that instant, felt a warm gentle breeze brush past her.  She removed her shrug to let the gentle breeze touch her skin. 

Perhaps it would have been good for her to go in, and as if right on cue, her parents and friends approached her. 

“Oh dearie, we’re so sorry, we should have been more sensitive, are you alright dear?” her father looked at her with deep concern. 

Rachel looked outside to see the bright stars for the last time that night.  She smiled at the night sky, to acknowledge Miriam. 

She nodded. “I’m fine.” And for the first time in the past few months, she actually meant it. 
The end. Sorry it was so cheesy!

Title is self-explanitory, and I don't really have anything to say so here it is! Sorry this chapter is a bit cliche!
Chapter 7
Kylie and Bethany were walking back to the lunch table.  Only the middle of the week she thought to herself.  Ugh, how much longer till the weekend?  This week had been worse than the last.  Kylie Stewart had been plain awful.  She wished she hadn't been so caught up in thoughts of the devil when she bumped into the devil herself.  "Ugh, this top is new!" Kylie Stewart shrieked.  Kylie Ellis's train of thought had been broken after hearing the high-pitched shrill voice which had haunted her so, scream again.  She looked to see why Kylie Stewart was so mad, despite the fact the two girls had come face-to-face, and noticed a bit of lettuce an mayonnaise from her sandwich had made its way onto her shirt. Evil Kylie looked incredibly angry, angrier than she had ever been and immediately, grabbed a bowl of pasta overly drenched in marinara sauce from a kid who passed by them.  "Hey!" the boy snapped. "Get your own pasta!" Kylie Stewart turned and gave him a quick glare, silencing him for good. Before Kylie Ellis figured out what the evil Kylie had in mind,she found her hair covered in pasta.  Gross!  She could hear the kids snickering, and Bethany offering her napkins insulting Kylie Stewart under her breath.  That was the last straw.  Kylie was done with this girl.  She pushed away the napkins and dumped her chocolate milk on evil Kylie's head.  There were a few collective gasps and some laughter from the less popular, but no one laughed harder than Bethany.  Kylie Stewart was enraged, enough to start a food fight.  Which did follow after she threw her soup on to Bethany.  Kylie soon found herself crouched under a lunch table next to Josh.  They had a few laughs, and she was happy to know Josh was quite amused, and found her funny!  The good times didn't last though.  The principal arrived quickly and grabbed the troublemakers who started it.  Her, Bethany and Kylie Stewart.  What would happen now? 
  I'll still be doing away to L.A, but I'll be writing a couple of stories on the weirdest family you'll ever meet!  To think about it, they are so weird, you will probably never meet anyone like them.  Silver gave me a few ideas for the basics.  I've changed a few things though. Some stories, will feature weird songs I wrote so keep your eyes open.  
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The Swruartenmeyers 
Pedder- dad who plays the jaw harp in the family band.  His occupation is an ice cream truck driver.
Octavia- mom who plays the didgeridoo in band.  She works as a bear tamer in a Russian circus.  Sometimes, she will go to Russia for a month with her troop. 
Bobert and Boberta- 12 year old twins, Bobert looks up to his older brother and dad for inspiration. Boberta is a unique individual and is considered weird in school, and easily the most peculiar member of her family.  They both play electric ukuleles in the family band.  They hang out lot with their older brother. 
Billiam- 13 years old, considered a weirdo, but he is the smartest member of his family.  He aspires to be a mad scientist and is either with his siblings spying on their neighbors, ding dong ditching, and running around scaring small children by dressing up as vampires with big glasses who go boo! and do the Oogie-boogie or he is alone in his room performing crazy experiments.  He has no real friends although this doesn't appear to bother him.  He plays a harp in the band.  
Tobias- Meet the most normal member of this wackjob group, the family's singing toad,  who is also the lead sing in the band.  He is actually quite lazy and spends the day sitting on the couch eating potato chips watching Spanish soap operas. 
Follow these five freaks and their pet as they through daily life, they'll make you rethink abnormal!

Sorry, I've been busy but I'm getting back for you!

Chapter 6
Kylie was in her room eating a moon pie.  A week ago the death of her had began.  A week ago, was the day the evil Kylie entered her life.  From being there only a day, she could get the sense  popular Kylie didn't like her.  She shouldn't have gone up to her.  Why couldn't she tell she was getting her hopes up?  She cursed herself for being naive.  Ever since that incident, and the fact the mean Kylie's crush had been real friendly to her, Kylie Stewart had silently made it obvious she was going to destroy Kylie Ellis.  The teacher trying to be nice to her didn't help either.  She remembered yesterday quite clearly. Her science teacher, Mrs. Washington, kept getting confused because they both had the same name.  
" Kylie, " she began softly.  Kylie Ellis looked up.  "No, not you, keep working dear." she said sweetly.  Kylie looked down at her paper.  The other Kylie was talking to Britta and Rhea, they were giggling in between every bit of gossip.   Mrs. Washington called her name quietly, but Kylie Stewart was the only one who didn't hear.  Finally, exasperated, she yelled angrily, "KYLIE STEWART!"  Finally looking up, she replied in a very irritated tone, "Yea what?  I'm trying to work here!"  Even though she had been talking.  Mrs. Washington regained her composure.  "Kylie, since there are two Kylies in this class, how about I call you Kylie S.?  Just this class. I could ask Kylie Ellis if she would mind being called Kylie E., but seeing how you barely reply to anything I say, I thing it would be more convenient if I called you Kylie S."  Kylie had a look of horror on her face, and Kylie Ellis could do nothing to change Mrs. Washington's mind.  She would rather be called Kylie E. than face the wrath of the evil Kylie, even though she had none nothing wrong.  Things like that didn't matter to Kylie Stewart she had been furious that day. 
Now, Kylie Stewart had protested by not talking in class, leading to Mrs. Washington having to change how everything was done in class.  Now, even outside of science, Kylie Stewart had everyone calling her Kylie E.  Not really a big insult to her, but it proved the power evil Kylie had over the rest of the students.  Kylie was dreading going back to school on Monday, but knew she had no choice.  She fell back on her bed and sighed.  

       Hey y'all! It's the weekend, guys! We saw this thing on dearblankpleaseblank about the Grammar Nazis. Hahahahaha. Here's our ridiculous story about them.
    Jedediah was writing his ten page paper. It was one o'clock in the morning, and he was still on the third page. His monster of a teacher had assigned it to him just THREE MONTHS AGO! Seriously, what kind of a moron did that?! It was like she thought her class was the only one in the whole school.
    His mother came in. "Jeddy, you poor baby, aren't you done yet? I'll get you a new iTouch when you're done. Make sure you proofread! And here's a box of Peeps." Jedediah smiled, than quickly pouted. When his mom walked out, he went back to smiling.
    He put his head down for a minute. Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain in his hand. He opened his eyes to see a tiny, ugly little man. He had god awful style, was wearing knee high flat boots, khaki green pants, a mid thigh khaki jacket, a hideous belt with a shoulder strap, and an armband. He was also wearing a green hat, and strangely, a red pen strapped to his waist.
    "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!" Suddenly, there were thousands of the ferocious little things. They all screamed and started attacking him with their pens. Jedediah was so surprised, he dropped his iPod. One of them said, "YOU ARE SENTENCED TO SUMMER SCHOOL!"

    Sorry, I wasn't in a writing mood. The others were helping me, but one of our other friends was here and they all started gossiping.
  Good to be writing again.  If you don't know whose post this is, then you are a dummy.
Chapter 5
They pair of girls headed to the cafeteria.  Bethany took Kylie to a lunch table.  Two boys and another girl joined them.  "This is David." Bethany gestured to the tall dirty blonde, then pointed to a pink haired girl, "Annie", and then turned to face a black haired boy with his hair slicked back, she giggled slightly, "and James."  Bethany smiled at him differently,  Kylie didn't know much, but she was definitely sure that Bethany was into James.  "How are you?" he asked in a British accent.  "Um, he's from England" Bethany said before Kylie could  question whether the accent was fake or not. Kylie soon stirred up a conversation with them, leading to the mention of her mom's job.  What she wanted to know was, how did popularity work in high school.  Luckily Annie got to that."You were way in over your head, talking to Kylie Stewart like that."  Kylie sighed.  "I realized that a little too late.  David snickered.  "She won't like the fact that you have the same name as her either.  If anything, she is a total show-off.  No one can share the spotlight or be on top but her.  The name thing is one way you can get on her nerve."  She wished she could go back to her old school now.  Why couldn't things be as simple as they were in back in the small town world?  Annie was a little more interested about her and Josh.  "I heard Josh and you hit it off." she teased.  Kylie shook her head, but Bethany didn't let her get away that easy.  "Oh, that is a total understatement!  They were practically..."  She stopped talking as the other Kylie passed them shooting a frightening glare.  They forgot about what they were talking about and got back to regular conversation.  Kylie didn't.  She understood Kylie Stewart's expression quite clearly.  She was going down.  Not easily either.

  One of my favorite teachers told my class this true story.  We all started cracking up.  It probably isn't as funny online, but when he told it, it sounded hilarious. 
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$1,000 Car
When he was a young boy, he used to have a paper route.  Before going to college he gave it to Chris.  One day while visiting his neighborhood, he saw a Mercedes Benz in Chris's driveway.  He asked a friend,:
Teacher:  "Whose car is that?"
Friend: "It's Chris's car."
Teacher: "His parents got him a Mercedes Benz? Wow!  He's sixteen!"
Friend: "No, Chris bought it!"
Teacher: "You're kidding how did he get $20,000?"
What happened: Chris was folding up his newspapers before making his deliveries, when he noticed an ad in the newspaper.  It read: Mercedes Benz for 1,000 dollars.  Chris could not believe it.  He had enough money saved up from his paper route, but he thought it must have been a joke.  Still, who could pass that up without trying?  So, he immediately called the number in the ad.  On the phone was a lady.
Chris: "Excuse me, are you really selling a Mercedes Benz for a thousand dollars?"
Lady: "Yes, I am."
Chris: I'll be right over, don't sell it to anyone else.
Chris immediately went over to her house, bought the car, and came home to deliver his papers.  Of course his father soon noticed the $20,000 car in his driveway. 
Dad: Son, who did you steal that from?"
Chris: "I bought the car."
Dad: "Where would you get $20,000?"
Chris: "I got it cheap for a 1,000 bucks from some lady."
Dad: "You must be making this up.  Let me call the lady you say you bought this car from."
  So Chris called up the lady and let his dad talk to her.
Dad: Did you sell this car for a 1,000 dollars to my son?"
Lady: "Yes, I did."
Dad: "This car is worth a lot more than that?"
Lady: "I know that."
Dad: "Why would you sell for such a low price then?"
Lady: "My husband left me for his Secretary.  He called me up recently, and said to sell the car and send the money to him."
~The End 

I am going to be back on track!  Here is chapter 4!

Chapter 4
To Kylie's relief the boy who had helped her in the previous class was in this one.  She was unsure on how to approach him,but to her relief, he saw her and waved her to a chair near him.  "Hey..."  she started softly.  "It's Josh, right?"  He smiled.  "Sorry about Kylie, she can be kind of a witch."  "Oh it was no problem.  Bullies are just insecure people.  We learned that in 5th grade." she replied, but she wished she hadn't said anything.  A few people who had heard her snickered, and even Josh chuckled a bit to himself.  She stared at her worn out sneakers and pretended not to notice.  Then she asked a question which didn't seem appropriate for the time being.  "Are you and the other Kylie, um... you know, seeing each other?"  The question had flown from her mouth.  Josh shook his head clearly surprised by the question.  "What made you think that?"  Kylie shrugged and turned her head to the board to see the math problems on the board.  "I'm kind of new to this whole thing."  Josh sighed.  "Well, she asked me to be her date to homecoming last year, but I turned her down.  She claimed to her friends that she had changed her mind and didn't want to go with me."  He smirked.  "I mean you don't see her having the guts to admit not everyone thinks she's great, right?"  she nodded.  After the teacher had started class, she couldn't help but occasionally turn to look at him.  Sometimes, he caught her and they shared a grin.  The class had been a total blur with Josh sitting right next to her.  She had trouble focusing however, and it didn't help that she was terrible at math.  Hopefully Bethany or Josh is good at math, she thought.  After the class had ended she packed up her bag, while she was talking and laughing with Josh. She couldn't believe how easy it was to talk to him.  "So you're mom works for Madison High?" she nodded.  Josh shook his head.  "Wow that's super cool." she beamed.  She hadn't told him that her mom was a cook, but she wasn't lying.  Her mom did work for the show and she had never specified what position she held.  Who knew? Maybe if this information slipped out without being a lie, she could boost her popularity.  Then, living here wouldn't be so bad.  She approached Bethany, who was standing near a group of lockers across from the classroom, after waving goodbye to Josh.  Bethany had a huge grin on her face.  "So, you and Josh are pretty tight already!" she teased.  Kylie shrugged.  "I don't think so, but he is like the only person who has been nice to me, besides you."  Bethany was still smiling.  "Maybe, if you and your new crush-"  Kylie cut her off.  "I do not like him!"  Bethany smirked.  They had a long conversation all the way to homeroom.  She felt good until she saw Kylie Stewart walk by and give her a frightening look.  Bethany's voice began again, only now sounding a bit more serious, "You know this whole thing with you and Josh hanging out a lot is only going to make her hate you even more right?"  Kylie pretended she didn't hear her.  

 Sorry I haven't been writing!  Here is the next Chapter!

Chapter 3
Kylie felt like dying.  The other girl had offered her hand and smiled sweetly; Kylie had taken it, but she regretted that instantly.  The mean girl gave Kylie a quick push and cackled.  Soon everyone else joined in.  "Nice one K!" , a tall brunette with straight waist length hair said.  "Really Kylie?", a voice put in from the back.  This voice wasn't from the inner circle.  Kylie wondered if he was talking to her, but her doubts were cleared when he came forward and faced the Kylie sitting in the desk.  She rolled her eyes.  "Josh!  What's up", her tone immediately changed.  She flashed him a gorgeous smile which showed off her perfect teeth, and began fidgeting with her shirt hoping he would notice it.  "Real mature of you Kylie."  He continued ignoring her flirtatious gestures.  A few people snickered.  She shot them a death glare.    Fortunately, the boy offered his hand to Kylie to help her up.  This time, it wasn't a trick.  "All right kids please sit down."   Ms. Proctor boomed in a loud voice, finally looking up from the book she had been reading, clearly oblivious to the scene that had just happened.  To Kylie's relief the class was basically what she had been doing at home and she managed to do well.  Kylie quickly scurried out of class, she was followed by a girl with curly black hair and a bubble-gum pink streak.  "Hey, I'm" she began but stopped and frowned at the terrified look on Kylie's face.  "Relax, I don't bite."  She laughed when Kylie turned and began walking again.  "Fine, pass the only opportunity to make a friend and know who to avoid and how it works around here." Kylie stopped and turned.  This girl didn't seem too bad.  And from what she could remember, she hadn't been laughing with the others during her fall.  "I already know you." she continued with a smile,  "I'm Bethany Millington." She grabbed Kylie's arm and lead her towards her next class after taking a peek at the schedule.  "Where are you from?"  Kylie sighed.  "It doesn't matter.  No one would have heard of it.  What's wrong with this school? What did I do to her?"  Bethany glanced at her.  "You a small town girl right?  I figured.  Every school has one bad egg.  Great for us, our's is the most popular girl in school.  You were way in over you head if you thought you could make friends with her." Bethany showed her the room.  "Lucky for you, we have a lot of classes together.  I don't know how you are going to make it in your other classes though, like this one."  She pushed Kylie into the room and waved.  See you next period!  We have lunch together. Bye!".  

         Hey this is Ice Cream and I have chapter 2 for you.  Kylie goes to high school and then she meets the most popular girl in school...Kylie Stewart!  Lily and I had this idea at the exact same time!  She was like Kylie sounds like the name of a popular girl cause we were discussing characters and then she said it wasn't like we could have two Kylies; we then thought it would be cool to have a mean Kylie who didn't like Kylie Ellis because they had the same name!  She also thought of lots of things that could happen!  Well, I hope you like chapter 2!

Chapter 2
  Kylie nervously held her schedule.  This school was so big.  Her school was a small school with grades K-12 and one class per grade.  This was a high school that was probably 5x as big!  Maybe she would be lucky enough to make at least a few friends and no enemies.  She finally found her homeroom, J108:Mrs. Winky Proctor.  When she stepped inside the class a short middle-aged lady smiled warmly at her.  "You must be Kylie Ellis.  I'm Mrs. Proctor your homeroom teacher.  Why don't you go sit next to Kylie Stewart.  I'm sure you two will be great friends."  She motioned Kylie to an empty desk in the third row to the left of a pretty, blonde, and loud girl, surrounded by a large group of other kids.  Kylie walked towards her desk and said a loud, proud, and totally Southern sounding, "Hello!"  Kylie Stewart made no sudden sound or movement, neither did her friends.  They simply stared weirdly at her.  She continued on in a shaky voice, "I'm Kylie Ellis."