Title is self-explanitory, and I don't really have anything to say so here it is! Sorry this chapter is a bit cliche!
Chapter 7
Kylie and Bethany were walking back to the lunch table.  Only the middle of the week she thought to herself.  Ugh, how much longer till the weekend?  This week had been worse than the last.  Kylie Stewart had been plain awful.  She wished she hadn't been so caught up in thoughts of the devil when she bumped into the devil herself.  "Ugh, this top is new!" Kylie Stewart shrieked.  Kylie Ellis's train of thought had been broken after hearing the high-pitched shrill voice which had haunted her so, scream again.  She looked to see why Kylie Stewart was so mad, despite the fact the two girls had come face-to-face, and noticed a bit of lettuce an mayonnaise from her sandwich had made its way onto her shirt. Evil Kylie looked incredibly angry, angrier than she had ever been and immediately, grabbed a bowl of pasta overly drenched in marinara sauce from a kid who passed by them.  "Hey!" the boy snapped. "Get your own pasta!" Kylie Stewart turned and gave him a quick glare, silencing him for good. Before Kylie Ellis figured out what the evil Kylie had in mind,she found her hair covered in pasta.  Gross!  She could hear the kids snickering, and Bethany offering her napkins insulting Kylie Stewart under her breath.  That was the last straw.  Kylie was done with this girl.  She pushed away the napkins and dumped her chocolate milk on evil Kylie's head.  There were a few collective gasps and some laughter from the less popular, but no one laughed harder than Bethany.  Kylie Stewart was enraged, enough to start a food fight.  Which did follow after she threw her soup on to Bethany.  Kylie soon found herself crouched under a lunch table next to Josh.  They had a few laughs, and she was happy to know Josh was quite amused, and found her funny!  The good times didn't last though.  The principal arrived quickly and grabbed the troublemakers who started it.  Her, Bethany and Kylie Stewart.  What would happen now? 

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