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Chapter 6
Kylie was in her room eating a moon pie.  A week ago the death of her had began.  A week ago, was the day the evil Kylie entered her life.  From being there only a day, she could get the sense  popular Kylie didn't like her.  She shouldn't have gone up to her.  Why couldn't she tell she was getting her hopes up?  She cursed herself for being naive.  Ever since that incident, and the fact the mean Kylie's crush had been real friendly to her, Kylie Stewart had silently made it obvious she was going to destroy Kylie Ellis.  The teacher trying to be nice to her didn't help either.  She remembered yesterday quite clearly. Her science teacher, Mrs. Washington, kept getting confused because they both had the same name.  
" Kylie, " she began softly.  Kylie Ellis looked up.  "No, not you, keep working dear." she said sweetly.  Kylie looked down at her paper.  The other Kylie was talking to Britta and Rhea, they were giggling in between every bit of gossip.   Mrs. Washington called her name quietly, but Kylie Stewart was the only one who didn't hear.  Finally, exasperated, she yelled angrily, "KYLIE STEWART!"  Finally looking up, she replied in a very irritated tone, "Yea what?  I'm trying to work here!"  Even though she had been talking.  Mrs. Washington regained her composure.  "Kylie, since there are two Kylies in this class, how about I call you Kylie S.?  Just this class. I could ask Kylie Ellis if she would mind being called Kylie E., but seeing how you barely reply to anything I say, I thing it would be more convenient if I called you Kylie S."  Kylie had a look of horror on her face, and Kylie Ellis could do nothing to change Mrs. Washington's mind.  She would rather be called Kylie E. than face the wrath of the evil Kylie, even though she had none nothing wrong.  Things like that didn't matter to Kylie Stewart she had been furious that day. 
Now, Kylie Stewart had protested by not talking in class, leading to Mrs. Washington having to change how everything was done in class.  Now, even outside of science, Kylie Stewart had everyone calling her Kylie E.  Not really a big insult to her, but it proved the power evil Kylie had over the rest of the students.  Kylie was dreading going back to school on Monday, but knew she had no choice.  She fell back on her bed and sighed.  

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