Good to be writing again.  If you don't know whose post this is, then you are a dummy.
Chapter 5
They pair of girls headed to the cafeteria.  Bethany took Kylie to a lunch table.  Two boys and another girl joined them.  "This is David." Bethany gestured to the tall dirty blonde, then pointed to a pink haired girl, "Annie", and then turned to face a black haired boy with his hair slicked back, she giggled slightly, "and James."  Bethany smiled at him differently,  Kylie didn't know much, but she was definitely sure that Bethany was into James.  "How are you?" he asked in a British accent.  "Um, he's from England" Bethany said before Kylie could  question whether the accent was fake or not. Kylie soon stirred up a conversation with them, leading to the mention of her mom's job.  What she wanted to know was, how did popularity work in high school.  Luckily Annie got to that."You were way in over your head, talking to Kylie Stewart like that."  Kylie sighed.  "I realized that a little too late.  David snickered.  "She won't like the fact that you have the same name as her either.  If anything, she is a total show-off.  No one can share the spotlight or be on top but her.  The name thing is one way you can get on her nerve."  She wished she could go back to her old school now.  Why couldn't things be as simple as they were in back in the small town world?  Annie was a little more interested about her and Josh.  "I heard Josh and you hit it off." she teased.  Kylie shook her head, but Bethany didn't let her get away that easy.  "Oh, that is a total understatement!  They were practically..."  She stopped talking as the other Kylie passed them shooting a frightening glare.  They forgot about what they were talking about and got back to regular conversation.  Kylie didn't.  She understood Kylie Stewart's expression quite clearly.  She was going down.  Not easily either.

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