I am going to be back on track!  Here is chapter 4!

Chapter 4
To Kylie's relief the boy who had helped her in the previous class was in this one.  She was unsure on how to approach him,but to her relief, he saw her and waved her to a chair near him.  "Hey..."  she started softly.  "It's Josh, right?"  He smiled.  "Sorry about Kylie, she can be kind of a witch."  "Oh it was no problem.  Bullies are just insecure people.  We learned that in 5th grade." she replied, but she wished she hadn't said anything.  A few people who had heard her snickered, and even Josh chuckled a bit to himself.  She stared at her worn out sneakers and pretended not to notice.  Then she asked a question which didn't seem appropriate for the time being.  "Are you and the other Kylie, um... you know, seeing each other?"  The question had flown from her mouth.  Josh shook his head clearly surprised by the question.  "What made you think that?"  Kylie shrugged and turned her head to the board to see the math problems on the board.  "I'm kind of new to this whole thing."  Josh sighed.  "Well, she asked me to be her date to homecoming last year, but I turned her down.  She claimed to her friends that she had changed her mind and didn't want to go with me."  He smirked.  "I mean you don't see her having the guts to admit not everyone thinks she's great, right?"  she nodded.  After the teacher had started class, she couldn't help but occasionally turn to look at him.  Sometimes, he caught her and they shared a grin.  The class had been a total blur with Josh sitting right next to her.  She had trouble focusing however, and it didn't help that she was terrible at math.  Hopefully Bethany or Josh is good at math, she thought.  After the class had ended she packed up her bag, while she was talking and laughing with Josh. She couldn't believe how easy it was to talk to him.  "So you're mom works for Madison High?" she nodded.  Josh shook his head.  "Wow that's super cool." she beamed.  She hadn't told him that her mom was a cook, but she wasn't lying.  Her mom did work for the show and she had never specified what position she held.  Who knew? Maybe if this information slipped out without being a lie, she could boost her popularity.  Then, living here wouldn't be so bad.  She approached Bethany, who was standing near a group of lockers across from the classroom, after waving goodbye to Josh.  Bethany had a huge grin on her face.  "So, you and Josh are pretty tight already!" she teased.  Kylie shrugged.  "I don't think so, but he is like the only person who has been nice to me, besides you."  Bethany was still smiling.  "Maybe, if you and your new crush-"  Kylie cut her off.  "I do not like him!"  Bethany smirked.  They had a long conversation all the way to homeroom.  She felt good until she saw Kylie Stewart walk by and give her a frightening look.  Bethany's voice began again, only now sounding a bit more serious, "You know this whole thing with you and Josh hanging out a lot is only going to make her hate you even more right?"  Kylie pretended she didn't hear her.  

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