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Chapter 3
Kylie felt like dying.  The other girl had offered her hand and smiled sweetly; Kylie had taken it, but she regretted that instantly.  The mean girl gave Kylie a quick push and cackled.  Soon everyone else joined in.  "Nice one K!" , a tall brunette with straight waist length hair said.  "Really Kylie?", a voice put in from the back.  This voice wasn't from the inner circle.  Kylie wondered if he was talking to her, but her doubts were cleared when he came forward and faced the Kylie sitting in the desk.  She rolled her eyes.  "Josh!  What's up", her tone immediately changed.  She flashed him a gorgeous smile which showed off her perfect teeth, and began fidgeting with her shirt hoping he would notice it.  "Real mature of you Kylie."  He continued ignoring her flirtatious gestures.  A few people snickered.  She shot them a death glare.    Fortunately, the boy offered his hand to Kylie to help her up.  This time, it wasn't a trick.  "All right kids please sit down."   Ms. Proctor boomed in a loud voice, finally looking up from the book she had been reading, clearly oblivious to the scene that had just happened.  To Kylie's relief the class was basically what she had been doing at home and she managed to do well.  Kylie quickly scurried out of class, she was followed by a girl with curly black hair and a bubble-gum pink streak.  "Hey, I'm" she began but stopped and frowned at the terrified look on Kylie's face.  "Relax, I don't bite."  She laughed when Kylie turned and began walking again.  "Fine, pass the only opportunity to make a friend and know who to avoid and how it works around here." Kylie stopped and turned.  This girl didn't seem too bad.  And from what she could remember, she hadn't been laughing with the others during her fall.  "I already know you." she continued with a smile,  "I'm Bethany Millington." She grabbed Kylie's arm and lead her towards her next class after taking a peek at the schedule.  "Where are you from?"  Kylie sighed.  "It doesn't matter.  No one would have heard of it.  What's wrong with this school? What did I do to her?"  Bethany glanced at her.  "You a small town girl right?  I figured.  Every school has one bad egg.  Great for us, our's is the most popular girl in school.  You were way in over you head if you thought you could make friends with her." Bethany showed her the room.  "Lucky for you, we have a lot of classes together.  I don't know how you are going to make it in your other classes though, like this one."  She pushed Kylie into the room and waved.  See you next period!  We have lunch together. Bye!".  

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