Hi guys, Silver here. Lily emailed this story to me, and asked me to put it up for her, so here it is! Lily got her inspiration for this story by watching the sunset.

Away from Time
I had been away too long.
Why had I let myself be lured away from the sea? I started running desperately. I would die if I didn't get back to the water before sunset. I put on a burst of speed. He wasn't even worth it. The sun dips a little lower. Rock shards stabbed at my tender feet. I scream, not of the pain, but of fright. Would I never swim again? Never part the cool waters, or trail my fingers through the sandy ocean floor? The fiery sphere touches the horizon, and I am a few hundred yards from shore. It might as well be a million. The realization hits me like a tidal wave. I'm not going to make it. My legs weren't made for speed, but for pleasure, strolls near the shore. I am only quick in the water, with my slim tail. I can feel my consciousness fading away already. I still run, longing to breathe the humid, salty, air near the shoreline before I go. But I won't. The sun is three-quarters below. I collapse, sapped of energy. I am dying. Dying. I reach out, and the tip of a wave touches my still body. It retreats, and my body fades to sand and blows away in the breeze.

Edit: Hi, it's Lily. Thanks, Silver, for putting this up. (Really late, but better late than never, right?) Well, I hope you like it!

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