Hi guys, Silver here. This is something that happened in gym class a couple of days ago to Lily and I. It is written from my point of view.

    Our team had just lost another game of capture the football, what a surprise. We were easily the worst team in the gym, not that I cared. Losing just meant we were free to go sit in the bleachers, and I was more than happy to do that. Lily and I trudged up to the uppermost part of the bleachers, and sat there in comfy silence. I was perfectly content to sit there and stare off into space, and let my mind wander. Another team jumped out of the bleachers and onto the wooden floor of the gym as I vaguely wondered why we even bothered with P.E. in the first place. Lily was leaning forward in her seat next to me, looking like she was debating whether to climb down or not. I was to preoccupied with my thoughts to pay attention to what was happening on the floor, and I hardly noticed when the buzzer went off.
"Our team is off (the court)" she said to me.
"Wait, when where they even on?" was my intelligent response.
She cracked up promptly after I had said that, and I was left to think 'some best friend she is...'

- Hasta la Vista

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