One of my favorite teachers told my class this true story.  We all started cracking up.  It probably isn't as funny online, but when he told it, it sounded hilarious. 
~Ice Cream Out!
$1,000 Car
When he was a young boy, he used to have a paper route.  Before going to college he gave it to Chris.  One day while visiting his neighborhood, he saw a Mercedes Benz in Chris's driveway.  He asked a friend,:
Teacher:  "Whose car is that?"
Friend: "It's Chris's car."
Teacher: "His parents got him a Mercedes Benz? Wow!  He's sixteen!"
Friend: "No, Chris bought it!"
Teacher: "You're kidding how did he get $20,000?"
What happened: Chris was folding up his newspapers before making his deliveries, when he noticed an ad in the newspaper.  It read: Mercedes Benz for 1,000 dollars.  Chris could not believe it.  He had enough money saved up from his paper route, but he thought it must have been a joke.  Still, who could pass that up without trying?  So, he immediately called the number in the ad.  On the phone was a lady.
Chris: "Excuse me, are you really selling a Mercedes Benz for a thousand dollars?"
Lady: "Yes, I am."
Chris: I'll be right over, don't sell it to anyone else.
Chris immediately went over to her house, bought the car, and came home to deliver his papers.  Of course his father soon noticed the $20,000 car in his driveway. 
Dad: Son, who did you steal that from?"
Chris: "I bought the car."
Dad: "Where would you get $20,000?"
Chris: "I got it cheap for a 1,000 bucks from some lady."
Dad: "You must be making this up.  Let me call the lady you say you bought this car from."
  So Chris called up the lady and let his dad talk to her.
Dad: Did you sell this car for a 1,000 dollars to my son?"
Lady: "Yes, I did."
Dad: "This car is worth a lot more than that?"
Lady: "I know that."
Dad: "Why would you sell for such a low price then?"
Lady: "My husband left me for his Secretary.  He called me up recently, and said to sell the car and send the money to him."
~The End 

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