Hi guys, Silver here! As I mentioned in my blog post, this is my newest paper doll. Enjoy!
Meet Rider, everyone! She is my latest creation, drawn upon the request of a school friend. This is also the first time that I have tried to draw any sort of footwear. The outfit on the left is a costume which uses a sage green swim suit and a brown leather corset along with sage green knee-socks and brown leather boots. The outfit on the right is a more modern and edgy version of a Japanese kimono, and it has a short hemline, a high slit up the side, and a plunging neckline. The "kimono" also features a thick black silk belt along with black silk slippers, and the fabric of the dress is done in a gradient using 3 different shades of green. This doll, Rider, represents the edgy style that defines the person who requested that I draw her. I really hope you like Rider!

Hello people most likely wasting time on the internet, it's Silver! You know you love me, especially now that I' doing more on the site, but I bet you loved me before too. No?! You wound me! All the melodrama aside, I have some really good news. Remember Grace (my paper doll from the previous post)? Well, I managed to color her, just like I promised! YAY! Here she is:
Grace is, once again, without shoes, as you can clearly see, but at least she has some color. Grace's dress is a deep reddish color, and I also colored in her clutch. 

Hi guys, it's Silver! I'm so excited to finally be able to post my first paper doll, and my drawing style has changed drastically, so I just thought I'd warn you. (This is just the black and white version of the doll; I am willing to do a colored version upon request: don't hesitate to ask!). Here she is:

This paper doll's name is Grace, and she is dressed formally in a strapless accented cocktail dress with some bangles, a pearl necklace, and a simple clutch with her hair left down. She's not wearing any shoes because I really don't know how, so I just drew her feet in a position called the "barbie toe", which models use when they aren't wearing heels or if the heels fall off on the runway. She also doesn't have any facial features because with my new dolls, I wanted to focus more on the outfits than I did on the features, just to let the outfit stand out.
Did you like it? Let me know in the comments or feel free to email me at silent.moonstone@yahoo.com.


   Hi, guys, it's Lily. Does that H look more like two "l"s to you?  I had a question for you guys. Instead of paper dolls, would you rather I did a fashion journal- type thing? A fashion journal is me basically drawing outfits on people and posting them. Here's a great fashion journal: Daily Lys.
Please vote below! If you have another answer, please let me know in the comments. :D

Hey people, this is Lily. Now, this isn't a paper doll, but I have some happy news... I have Photoshop again! Now I can start posting dolls. It's also somehow 6.0 now. I don't know how, but I'm fine with it. :D This is just a doodle. I was going to name her something cool that meant cat, but I kept calling her Kitty in my head while I was looking for/drawing her. And I named her Kat on my computer. So now she's Kit- Kat. Yes. Kit-Kat. I know she's terrible, but  I wanted to show you I didn't break my arm or die or anything.

    Hi everyone, this is Lily. I know, I don't appear for days, and when I do, I delete a page. I have a good reason though! And you can still see our old paper dolls. If Silver and Fluffy want to move their dolls back here, they are free to do so,. (Copy and paste the text, and use the "move element to" thingie, guys!) Anyway, here's my good reason. My style of drawing has changed a lot, so I want to start over. Also, I lost all my true size paper copies of the dolls, and the digital saves. So that's it, sorry. More later. I'll be doing redos of some dolls, and I'll be more organized now.