Hi guys, Silver here! As I mentioned in my blog post, this is my newest paper doll. Enjoy!
Meet Rider, everyone! She is my latest creation, drawn upon the request of a school friend. This is also the first time that I have tried to draw any sort of footwear. The outfit on the left is a costume which uses a sage green swim suit and a brown leather corset along with sage green knee-socks and brown leather boots. The outfit on the right is a more modern and edgy version of a Japanese kimono, and it has a short hemline, a high slit up the side, and a plunging neckline. The "kimono" also features a thick black silk belt along with black silk slippers, and the fabric of the dress is done in a gradient using 3 different shades of green. This doll, Rider, represents the edgy style that defines the person who requested that I draw her. I really hope you like Rider!