Oh my lord, I am sorry, everyone! (Oh my  lord? I have no idea where that came from! LOL!) For the past few weeks, every time I pick up a pencil and try to draw,I've been interrupted or whatever I draw doesn't come out right. Marina isn't exactly how I imagined her, but I really needed to get something up, don't you think? Just click below to see it, I messed it up in Photoshop and it looks really bad as a thumbnail. She's the daughter of Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase, and her name is Marina Jackson. If anyone wants to print it, email me and I'll make you a PDF. I have to go sleep, but expect a nice long post on Monday.

Marina Jackson
    Finally, the Lily Evans doll! I know I said I'd post yesterday, but I wasn't feeling well. Here she is- I haven't got the hang of enhancing color yet, so you can see all my bad coloring. (The purple thing is a dressing gown.) If I get a more color-enhanced version, I promise I will post it. Hope you like it!
                                                           -Lily (Alabaster, not Evans!)

Click for larger image. :)