That was quite a long title. Here are the dress and gloves-hope they fit properly!
Click for larger image!
    Hi readers, it's Lily. I had a couple technical difficulties for making the dolls' clothes fit properly after editing them, so I had to scan and post Sabrina again. Here she is....
Click for larger image! Sorry about the random line, the doll was half-cut out when I rescanned it, and sorry that it's kind of tilted. Those things won't show up if you print and cut it out, though.
    All of the dolls that I draw will be more or less the same measurements so that the clothes are interchangeable. Speaking of clothes, I'll post more soon.
    Hi everyone it's Lily. This is kinda rushed cause I gotta go now. More later.
Edit- This is a doll I drew a long time ago, before we started this website. I scanned it in, then cut it out and gave it to my little sister, and mysteriously the leg tore off.  I was very discouraged after that, and just left it. But if you want, I could draw more clothes for her.
Click for bigger image, then click on bigger image for even bigger image!
Click on Persephone for a larger image, then click on the larger image for an even larger image. :)

    Yay! I finally posted the doll! Please comment! Now, before you think I'm being proud of myself for no reason, I know there are about a million things I could have done better. Here are just a couple- made sure that the clothes fit properly, put in some more effort, made them more intricate, and the list goes on. But I promise I'll get better. I'll make them more complicated, find some way to make the colors better, color properly etc. Now about the doll- her name is Persephone, and this set of clothes is comfortable and casual. Except for that dress closest to her and the silver and gold striped tube top. I didn't want to change them, but everything else fit that category, and... yeah. Oh, by the way, if you want to put on her scarf, separate her hair from her body up to the chin while cutting it out. If you have any questions, comment or email me at Enjoy, and please forgive all my mistakes!
    - A very excited and nervous Lily