Hi everyone, it's- who else? Lily. I'm having trouble scanning the dolls- I have one done, but my scanner is being weird. When I scan something out of my sketchpad, there's lots of white space. When I crop that out, the whole picture gets really small, and I don't want to tear pages out of my sketchpad. I will figure this out ASAP, and I don't want you all to leave... Please, please bear with me. I do this all for you. :O) (That nose was actually an accident! I'll leave it there..)
    Hi everyone, it's Lily. I just want to say I'm having some technical difficulties with the dolls- my picture editor isn't working. I'll try to fix it as soon as possible. Sorry, bye.
Edit- My trial ran out, that's why it wasn't working. But the good news is that I will probably have Adobe Creative Suite 3 soon (an old version), which includes Flash and Photoshop. I have finished two spreads of dolls (full sheets) and will post them probably around Tuesday or Wednesday. the They are a Lily Evans doll and a fairy doll. I won't post them now, though, because they won't show up properly.

    Hi everyone! Lily and Silver on the phone together, writing this. (But Lily's typing.) We've decided on a new format for the paper dolls. All of the dolls that Lily draws will have the same measurements and features, but different hair and underclothes. Silver's doll's will have the same measurements as well, but Lily's clothes won't fit them. However, if you like one of our dolls and the other's clothes, send us a request and we'll try drawing the clothes for that doll. What we'll do is post a dress, and one or two dresses at a time, but try to post more often. Hope you like the stuff, we'll do better than the first Persephone. Ciao for now!
    Hi everyone! I am proud to announce that the paper dolls will certainly be up soon. In fact, I am coloring them at this very moment, and am the proud owner of a pack of 36 Prismacolor Verithin colored pencils. I shall finish soon and post them after overcoming a couple of technical difficulties, which I am sure I will have. Sorry they're so late- been looking for these colored pencils a long time, and looking for the dolls a long time too. Please note that this is my first time, and they may not be perfect, but I'm doing my very best.
Edit- No, not really hard to get, but a little expensive for colored pencils. And they're not regular Shruti, they're "artist quality". But they still keep breaking.

*I don't know if you've noticed, but the title is supposed to be a play on Paul Revere's famous cry. Did you know William Dawson also did the same thing as Paul Revere, warning everybody, but is so much less famous? Also, guess who this is. If you've been reading the blogs, then you should be able to tell.
    I know I said earlier I was coloring the dolls but I didn't. Sorry! Btw, what did Ice Cream mean by enjoying the rest of the website at no cost of your own? Huh?
No dolls yet but they've been extremely busy. (Lily and Silver).  We promised you something by early January but its been hard.  Until we get some dolls up please enjoy the rest of the website at no cost of your own!  
    Sorry, dolls will be up by the end of December or sometime around New Year's. We have one drawn, we just need to color and scan it in.
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