To whomever it may concern,
You are formally invited to the funerals of Lily and Silver, who, tragically, kicked the bucket this morning at about 12 p.m. in gym class. They will be severely missed by their mourning families and devastated friends. Both were kind, talented, unique, and incredibly modest as well. They will forever be remembered and loved by the people they had known.
The Moonstones
(Well, the two remaining Moonstones)
<sob> <sob> <sob>


Ha ha, you fell for it! Lily and I are still pretty much alive. Well I am, but I don't know about Lily, because I won't see her until tomorrow. If you're wondering what this funeral announcement is all about, you just have to wait and see. The incident will be on the short stories page ASAP.

I also have some more good news for you. I made some bookmarks last summer, and I asked Lily if she could put them up on the website for me. They took a lot of time to make, but Lily and I think that they're really cool. We have a new artwork page up so that we can put up good drawings that mostly Lily and I make instead of doodles, because sketches are cooler.

The bookmarks and the first artwork should be up by the end of the week. We'll try to put up the black and white versions along with the colored versions.

- Hasta la Vista

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