I'm such a bad girl! I went with my friend whose in seventh grade to some "hangout", even though its only for middle school age.  Yea, I know I probably shouldn't have, but it wasn't like I could go home.  But, it was kind of boring.  She had 2 of her close friends there, but they brought school friends, and you know how those things go.  Then an hour before closing we had to go play a game, which was pretty boring. 

I'm so happy that my science grade has gone up! I think it might be higher than my orchestra average which is kind of low right now!  I'm used to that class being a free hundred but we have playing and written quizzes every week which is ridiculous.  But, I got a good grade on a playing test recently so I'm hoping that will help.   

  I finished my book which means I need to get the next in the series, which isn't in my school library.  Seriously, who does that?  We had a pep rally on Friday again, and we did better than last time, of course a bunch of people were still standing there awkwardly afraid to scream and all, but it'll get better.  Also, my throat hurt after and my hearing had been partially blocked out, like everyone else's.  Our school has a burrito bar! I was so happy!  Toodles!
~Ice Cream out!

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