Recovering from the harsh world. Just kidding. Anyway, I feel like I say sorry all the time. Don't you think? Well, I hope it is for the last time, I'm very sorry. I really like this website and I want to do more on it. I feel really bad for putting all the work of this website on Lily and Ice Cream, also Silver. But, mostly Lily, she works the hardest. I do, I do! Back to business, I got drama for this 9 weeks in my school with THE most annoying people in the world. I hate my drama class, I wish I had it with people who were actually my friends, like Silver (who already had it), Lily and Ice Cream. I mean, sitting next to a bunch of boys, who are losers is not fun, not the least bit. The worst part is that for the last nine weeks, I had this guy in my computer apps class. It really looks like my typing skills (which were horrible, and only when I as looking at the keyboard I did got) really paid off. At least, I think so. Guess what, for all those people who loved my dolls *chirp chirp*, I will draw some more. No way, right? I bet you all are either laughing at me or crying because you have to see another one if you open the Paper Dolls page. I get it, I know I'm horrible at it. But, I still thank Liana and Rachel Leah Cohen aka RLC for those compliments. I also thank Shruti for the compliments too. I actually thank everyone because of those compliments. I don't think I deserved at all. But, I'll try harder for much more cuter or prettier (is that a word? oh well! Looks like I made a word up) work. It takes some time because I don't have a scanner at my home. I'm ashamed. Lily is awesome, she has everything needed for the website. On the other hand, it's me, the one who barely has anything to help the team. I feel like I'm stupid. But, I'm very happy now because, well, I made up with everyone. I absolutely think that today is the best day of my life. And with my school work/academic classes, I totally got a really bad grade on those note cards, I'm a failure. Oh, and I also might put up a story soon. I have been reading a lot of stuff and I think that I made up my own story that is really full of mystery and I bet you will love it! *cough cough*. It will be up soon, I'm still working on it. Don't get your hopes up, it won't be as good as the others, who are the real pros.
-Fluffy Puppy

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