Don't anticipate anything whimsical. That's just my favorite word. WHIMSICAL! Sorry. :)
    I have a recommendation for you guys- if you have an iDevice (my name for iPod touches and iPhones), get the app Battery God. It's now free, and it tells you how long you can do a certain activity with your level of charge. For example, I have 15% charge, so I can listen to music for 03:22. (That's three minutes, right?) 
    So, what's up with you guys? I'm going to go back to normal this week, sorry. I was so busy and tired last week!
    I have a biggish contest for you. Again. I like contests, okay? Here it is:
    Comment with a paragraph on what you think my personality is like. Include:
-Adjectives and adverbs. A few separate words that would describe me.
-What I would do in a few different situations, such as:
    Someone comes up to me and starts crying. D:
    Someone steals my candy. :0
    Someone tells me I am smart. :D
And anything else you want to include..
I want to know how you imagine me. Anyone who knows me personally (Shruti), sorry. Don't enter! This will run for- say, a week? The closest by then wins. You may have your pick of:
A one-shot short story
A theme for my real-life paper doll.    
P.S. I'll have a link to this in the sidebar!

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It has been way over a week


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