Hey guys, it's me, Fluffy and I couldn't eat anything that i have to chew on because of fillings... was sooo mad. Don't tell my mom, but I ate candy/chocolate a lot when she was not in the hall. Pretty hyper and my mom just thinks that I'm acting all hyper because of the fillings and lack of sleep (btw, did I mention that this is the first time i ever got fillings in my whole life unlike some of my other friends *cough cough*.
    Here are some things you can do when you're in pain:
1. You can either come to our website or come to our website.
2. Chill out and watch T.V or surf the web(but don't forget to visit this website)
3. IDK...just sleep, i guess
    <Peace Love Happiness :P>

    You can also watch this funny music video I found on YouTube, ohh what we would do without these popular things to make our lives easier.  This video is by boymongoose.  

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