Hi guys, Silver here. My mom is making me study for the C.R.C.T, and it was super boring. I'm supposed to be doing some online tests right now, but since when have I done what I was supposed to do? That's right, never. I have such great motivation, don't I?  A lot has been going on recently in my life, and all I have to say is: Thank God it's Spring Break.
    I have a dance performance on the 9th of April, and my dance teacher has been making us go to class early in the morning, and we have to continue doing that until the day of the performance. Needless to say, I'm really sore from the amount of dancing we've been doing.
    We decided the costumes for our dance, and I might be able to draw it and post it on the paper dolls page if you want. I fell really bad about not being able to scan stuff in, but my scanner is broken and my dad won't get a new one, so I'm forced to use the one at school. I would have scanned some artwork in before spring break, but the school scanner wasn't working either.
    On top of that, I've been writing a couple of fanfictions, and I haven't updated in a while now, which makes me feel really guilty. I try to type out the chapters, but I end up with a really bad case of writer's block. Speaking of fanfictions, you guys should really check out the one that Lily wrote; it's really good. I'll put up a link to my fanfiction account as well, and I would like for you to check out, because I would really appreciate the reviews.
- Adios!

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