Sorry, I just randomly felt like saying that.  I love you all.  I'm so sorry about Silvey and Fluff stuff.  Those lazy bobs.  (I've been calling people bobby, meanie bob, lazy bob, bobert, and billiam) Today we had our PBA and essay for our Spanish final.  I accidentally, said mis pets!  What the freak?  I did good on the essay though, we had to desricibe the morning routine.  My oral topic was a foreign exchange student was visiting so you decide to save a recording of you telling about yourself, school, family, what you and your family/friends like to do.  The prompt was easy, but we were so out of practice with this.  I probably messed up once or twice, but this doesn't count for the whole final,around 20%,  so I think my overall grade for the final will still be good.  Like I said, we have a dance coming up and I think all of us have dresses picked.  They're all pretty.  We also have talent show(ugh) and Silver and I have to perform in front of everyone. (gasp) I'd really like to get it over and done with, but I don't know how I'm going to be feeling when the time comes for us to get on stage. I have been trying to get Silver and Fluffy to update, but they have gotten lazy, and I can't create the fear Lily can, who can usually get them off their butts and onto the site.  Apologies my fellow followers, I know it must be difficult, but Lily and I are still here for you, when all others(Silver and Fluffy) fail to do so.  I love you all.  Place a comment for this post if you wish to send a shout out to those two.  Also, It might be a little while before you can hear from Lily, since her computer isn't working.  Don't worry though, she has you in mind and has never let the thought of our precious website, not having enough posts, unlike some people (cough cough, Silver and Fluffy).  Wish you farewell fellow brothers and sisters.  Peace Out! 

~Ice Cream out!

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