Well, almost all of us. Silver's in a faraway magical land. .... aka India. Fluffy will be joining her tomorrow. We have some amazing news for you.. the search engine is working! YAY! So now you won't have to sift through.. (pause to count on my fingers) five months of stuffs. Lily fixed our search engine so now you can use our with ease.   Ice Cream will go on vacation in July. 
Join us for our half birthday clebration on June 23!  Please enter our contest, the details are on the For You page.  Go try out the search engine! (It's Lily again, btw.) Uh... so.. we are going to eat Maggi! That's somewhat unhealthy noodles which are amazing. Fluffy is cooking them, so we should eat with care.. Ice Cream had to make sure she washed her hands. And now she needs help opening them.. bad sign. 
     On the last day of school we were so sad we couldn't be together next year, but at least we're together now!  (I [Lily]  said that if she typed "in our hearts" I'd get very angry.) We love you guys soooooooooooooo much!  ]
    We have nothing else to type. Uhh, bye! 

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