Hi. It is Lily. I am making my sentences very choppy. That is to fill up space...Just kidding, I'll stop doing that. I don't have much to talk about, so this will be like a bunch of tweets. I think. Might change later on.
    I was supposed to finish a group project, but the flash drive that it was supposedly saved on did not have it. Urgh! So now I have to go to school early to do it. And it's not on my account, and the other person hasn't gotten back to me. UGH!
    Who's seen HOP? (The Easter Bunny movie.) I have the Doodle Jump app, which is just a promotion of the movie. And it worked on me. :)  I saw the trailer, and it seems really cool.
    My new paper doll I have not really decided the topic of. How about a contest? Umm.. let's see.. Nah. Okay, the first person to comment and tell me an interesting fact about whatever can pick. I have a couple limitations, though-
-It should not be anything I have to look at a picture for. Not to insult Kate or anything, I just don't want to disappoint you.
-It should be a real life or fantasy doll. (Not a mermaid, please, that is actually in development.)
-You should be willing to wait until I'm in the mood (don't worry, won't be long this time) and let me choose to color it on the computer or by hand. You can request which, though. :)
    Sorry about those. :) It'll just help me keep you satisfied. Also, please provide a link if you have one to wherever you found it.
    I am putting my White Veil story on hold for a new story about a spy named Delphina. I think you'll like it!

4/13/2011 12:00:50 pm

Here's my random fact:
Japan has its own unique kind of curry, called "curry rice." Although it sounds like it was based off of Indian food, it's only distantly related to Indian curry; it was actually adapted from British stews flavored with curry powder that became popular in the British Navy when India was a British colony. In the early 1900s, Japan's military adapted the recipe to feed to its soldiers because it was nutritious and easy to make, and from there it became widely popular. It's basically a stew of onions, carrots, potatoes (and often other vegetables) and meat (tofu if you're me) in a rich brown sauce, served with Japanese short-grained sticky white rice on the side. The sauce itself is so mild that people hoping for anything approaching the spiciness of Indian curry are often disappointed, but if you can appreciate it for what it is, it's really good -- it's comforting and tastes yummy with the rice on the side. I tend to make it with a little extra spice, though ^^ And indeed, I'm sharing this fact because I'm making it right now!

If I win, I'd like a Maid Marian doll. Not like a particular version or one based on a movie or anything like that - just some pretty medieval style gowns for her to wear outside the forest, as well as some nice green outfits she can wear in the forest. I'd prefer hand coloring, but computer coloring is fine if you feel inspired ^^

4/14/2011 06:17:57 am

That is interesting, Liana! It sounds good. You do win, I'll start on your doll soon. I will probably color it by hand, because I want to do blended colors, and I'm not so good with that on the computer. :)


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