Hello, everyone! It's Lily. I have a big announcement to make.
So, I have had a huge change of heart, and now, based on extensive evidence, have realized that the Twilight series is indeed much better than Harry Potter. It's more realistic, better written, and it has awesome characters.
    It's a whole lot easier to imagine yourself in Forks than Hogwarts. I mean, Forks is a real place, not some made up fairytale princess castle. The characters are easier to relate to and more realistic. I mean, not all of us have some crazy psycho who needs to tan chasing us. But everyone has school and friend problems, like Bella! And Harry is a Gary Stue. He's way too perfect. No one is that unselfish and popular.
    Twilight is way simpler and easier to read. Stephenie Meyer doesn't write super complicated sentences that you have to read twenty times to understand. And she doesn't use crazy names like Xenophilius or Argus. I mean, seriously? They'd probably get beaten up and die.
    And Twilight's characters are flawless and wonderful. Carlisle and Esme are compassionate, Alice is sweet, Bella and Edward are brave, etc.
I'm so over Harry Potter. GO STEPH MEYER!!!

BTW, the font is white like the Twilight logo. I wish I could download the Twilight font onto Weebly, but I can't. Boo.
I know that was really obvious, but I thought it would be a really good prank. So... were you fooled? Please comment below!
4/1/2012 08:07:33 am

Lily, you may have fooled everyone else, but Ice Cream and I (we're still in doubt about Fluffy) know you would rather die than say Twilight is better than Harry Potter.

4/3/2012 04:24:09 am

Well, I actually let Fluffy in on the joke because I was afraid it might give her the courage to expose her true feelings about Twilight.

I thought I did a pretty good job. :(


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