Hi guys, Silver here! I'm sorry I haven't been posting for a while; I've just been so busy with projects, essays, and tests so far. High school is definitely not fun...
    I promise you guys will be seeing a paper doll soon (meaning in less than 2 weeks), and it will be modeled after my school's uniform (yes, my high school has a uniform; it's a charter school). I'm so glad it's the weekend; it gives me plenty of time to start writing a few stories; some of them will be one-shots, and some of them will be chapter-ed. I promise I'll have at least one of them up by tomorrow.    
    High school has not been fun without the other Moonstones, and I really miss them all. I only see Ice Cream in our music and dance classes outside of school, and I haven't seen Lily or Fluffy in a really long time!
    On the bright side, the weekend is finally here! I love the weekends so much; I practically live for them. My weekend usually goes in the same pattern: goofing off and not doing any homework until late Sunday night, when I remember I had homework, and eventually stay up until midnight trying to finish it.
    Its become a routine for me to do this. In fact, my brother and my dad like to place bets on how long I'll put off doing my homework and they also like to bet on how late I'll stay up doing it... I have such a wonderful family.
    Be on the lookout for posts from Lily and Fluffy, and maybe even some paper dolls or short stories. I can almost guarantee new additions to the random page from Ice Cream.

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