Hello people of the 21st century that are bored like me! Its Fluffy. Yes, spring break is almost over, boohoo :(. But, lets face it, if you stayed home, its not like you had the most fun in the world (but if you did like it, then that is great).
I can pretty much tell you what I did over spring break. During the day (when we actually do stuff--fun stuff), I was at home for about 10 hours. But those 10 hours, I had to do work. I got time to post once in a while, (since I had to wake up early in the morning everyday) I decided to sleep then. Well, I got up early today to post, but I fell right on my face because I was tired. So, I finally am posting while I'm awake, and not tired. Of course, I'm sitting on my bed with my blanket over me. Ohhh, the wonders of spring break. By the way, I told you that story because I thought it would amuse everyone. Anyway, not its time for real business. So, did anyone check out the Silently Chic page? If so, then check it our now! I was going to post more stuff on that page today, but it turns out that I have to go out almost all of today. Poor me :(. I will post on it as soon as I get back from the long-lasting party. For now, Adios.
~Fluffy Puppy :)

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