Hi everyone, it's Lily! I'm back from Florida, Panama City Beach, which is where I went for my vacation. I couldn't post then, but I hope you saw my Twitter messages. I went to Laguna and Destin Beach, and had a lot of fun. At Destin, the waves washed up a ton of shells, and I picked some up and put them in a bucket. Later, tentacles started coming out of each one of them. It was kind of cool. My sister kept dropping her flip-flops into the water and I had to wade in and get them.
    I wrote a fanfiction, and it's on FanFiction.net. Please read it and review it! I'll put a link to my FanFiction.net account out to the side, so check it out.
    I also have another little poem I wrote, and I'll put it up on the short stories page in a while. I am almost done with Kate's doll, I promise. I'm just having a little trouble, but I am working on it. That's all I have to say right now.. so bye.

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